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Best of September: Most Read, Best Sellers + More

Best of September: Most Read, Best Sellers + More

September is coming to an end and we’ve got another month of Real Housewives fashion in the books. And while our best seller roundup was previously exclusive to our email list and Instagram audience, I figured it was time to share these gems with all!  Lucky for us, these items are perfect for October also. So whether you’re looking for your new beauty faves or the perfect faux leather dress, prepare to be inspired and shop our most liked, shopped and read below!


The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair


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September's Most Read Blog Posts

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1. Naomie Olindo’s Black Sunglasses (#1 two months in a ROW!) 2. Fall Fashion Inspo from Amazon 3. #RHOBH’s Purple Facial Roller 4. Leva Bonapoarte’s Plaid Top and Faux Leather Leggings (leggings also seen on Melissa Gorga) 5. Kenya Moore’s Silver Sequin Dress 6. Kathryn Dennis’ Pink Jacket and Hat 7. Kyle Richards’ Green Faux Fur Slippers (September #1 Best-Sellers! Available in many colors) 8. #RHOBH Beauty Faves and Our Amazon Picks 9. Diana Jenkins’ Shearling Trim Leather Jacket 10. Sutton Stracke’s Fur Slippers


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Shoppers Say These Hydrogel Eye Masks ‘Smooth Out Any Puffiness’ & Fine Lines ‘Almost Immediately’

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, STYLECASTER may receive an affiliate commission.

After a long day at work or a late night out, being horizontal is all I really want to do. Oh, and also remove my makeup and make sure my skin’s taken care of. Sometimes, I treat myself to a face mask, though it can be hard to find one that actually makes a difference and doesn’t slide off immediately. It’s also not an easy take to find one that isn’t super wasteful. Enter: Three Ships Beauty’s new Brighter Days Red Algae + Avocado Biodegradable Eye Masks

The hydrogel eye masks promise to depuff, brighten and hydrate your under eyes—and in 10 minutes at that. They do all of this without creating more waste, too. Simply soak them in warm or hot water for 10 minutes and watch as they completely dissolve. Pour the water down the drain and move on to the rest of your skincare routine. It’s that easy!

But besides being kind to the planet, the eye masks are amazing for your skin, thanks to three key ingredients: red algae, upcycled avocado extract and glycerin. While antioxidant-rich red algae protects skin from environmental stressors (and makes the product biodegradable), avocado extract brightens dark circles and de-puffs. Glycerin is the cherry on top, as it plumps skin and locks in water. These hydrogel masks sound like the complete package, right? Well, according to shoppers who have already rushed to write reviews for the masks—which launched on September 29—they are.

“I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I put them on in the morning while I get ready for work, and they completely smooth out any puffiness or fine lines, and leave my under eyes glowing,” raved one five-star reviewer. “I buy these in bulk! It’s also great that they are biodegradable, unlike some other products that create waste.”

Get ready to show your under eyes some T.L.C. with the Brighter Days Red Algae + Avocado Biodegradable Eye Masks. They’ll look and feel so refreshed that nobody will be able to tell that you stayed up late binge-watching the new House of Dragon series.

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Brighter Days Red Algae + Avocado Biodegradable Eye Masks Three Ships Beauty

Photo: Three Ships Beauty.

To reap the benefits of the masks, let your clean skin soak up all ingredients for 10 to 20 minutes. Then, remove them and pat any excess serum onto your skin. And be sure to break down the hydrogel to save the planet from more waste.

If you need even more convincing, this product’s fans are on it.

“The eye masks do such a great job at brightening and depuffing my under eyes. The cooling effect makes me feel refreshed and literally ready for the day!” wrote one reviewer. “This product is truly one of a kind!”

“I’ve been looking for an environmentally friendly [alternative] to single-use eye masks and this is the one!” another one wrote. “They are so easy to apply and feel super comfortable while they are on! My undereye felt softer and looked less puffy almost immediately after use. The real perk is being able to watch them disintegrate in water.”

Well, you heard it here first: Three Ships Beauty’s new Brighter Days Eye Masks are here to save both your under eyes and the planet—a true win-win!

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Shoppers Say This Clean-Ingredient Skin Balm Is a ‘2-Day Miracle’ Worker for Dry, Chapped Skin

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, STYLECASTER may receive an affiliate commission.

I love the change of seasons because I get to wear all my cute jackets and hoodies again, but it also comes the challenge of dealing with dry, chapped skin from wind slapping you in the face every time you go outside. I have sensitive skin that definitely reflects what the elements throw at it, so I’m always looking for products that will soothe dry, irritated skin so it can stop the problem before it starts.

The EmBeba Rescue Balm is perfect for keeping in your bag for any unexpected skin dryness that occurs this winter, but it also works all year-round for hot weather issues like chaffing, bug bites and even sunburn. You can put it on your hands, face and even lips, depending on the need, making it the perfect travel companion and accessory to keep on-hand in your bag at all times.


Courtesy of EmBeba.

EmBeba Rescue Balm

The balm is made of all-natural ingredients like calendula, which helps soften rough skin, and propolis cera, which is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that also helps heal skin reactions. The addition of St. John’s wort helps speed up the healing process for broken skin (due to wind, sunburn, etc.) and peppermint leaf helps soothe and relieve redness.

If broken or bug-bitten skin leads to pain, this formula also includes chickweed herb and arnica flower to naturally relieve pain without medications. Basically it’s an easy cure-all for all of your skin ailments in one place. Plus, it’s unscented and made without toxins, so the whole family can use it—even those with sensitive skin.

One reviewer said they love it for their kids who get irritation above their lips. “My boys always lick their lips, so the skin above their lips are always chapped,” they wrote. “We’ve tried every type of lip balm with no success. After using this for 2 days, their lips look so much better!”

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Another shopper said they love applying it before they head out the door in the winter months to protect their skin from the harsh winds. “This balm has saved me this winter on the East Coast, for both my kids and I. We slather it on lips and cheeks before going out the door every day – we keep it by the door!”

This product is so powerful, reviewers say it can clear up skin issues after just one use. Another said it’s great for even extremely dry, cracked skin. “After about a week or so my cracked fingers were totally healed,” they wrote.

With a price point of under $12, this is an easy fix to have ready to go when the winter months hit. Buy a few and stash them all over your house and in your car to replace your chapstick. After all, this product does so much more than just heal dry lips.

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Even Hair Growth Product Skeptics Are Blown Away By This Ones Results—Get It For Less Before Prime Day Begins

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, STYLECASTER may receive an affiliate commission.

I know what you’re probably thinking right now—not another hair growth product promising “real results”—but would you believe me if I said this one’s actually worth a moment of your time? Beyond the fact that Bellisso’s Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner Set has over 13,000 five-stars and counting, it’s packed full of nutrient-rich ingredients that only stand to benefit your hair’s strength and vitality both immediately and long-term. It’s also currently on sale on Amazon, which doesn’t hurt, either.

The 2-in-1 set cleanses your strands and treats your scalp for healthier growth and reduced shedding. It basically acts as both your daily shampoo and conditioner and as a hair loss treatment. Through stunting DHT’s arrival (a common reason for slowed growth and increased loss in both men and women) it paves the way for fresher, thicker strands to fill in bald patches across the scalp. It also leaves your locks shinier and softer with every use. 

Bellisso’s Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner Set


Bellisso’s Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Back to those thousands of glowing reviews. Amazon shoppers can’t stop raving about the results they’ve seen; even hair growth product skeptics are singing a different tune than before. From seeing differences within a week to claiming it leaves their hair “feeling like silk,” reviewers are more than happy to have “finally” found something that works. 

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“I noticed a difference in my hair softness immediately,” raved one who said their hair had grown 5 inches in just two months. “I noticed my hair isn’t falling out nearly as much as it was before, and my hair looks thicker and has grown longer! I’m very impressed! I wasn’t expecting to see these kinds of results!! Love it!!

“At age 65 my hair was thinning a bit and was not shiny. After one week using Biotin shampoo and conditioner my hair has improved drastically and very few strands [are] in the shower drain,” praised another person.

Looking for something stronger to revive your thinning locks? Pick up the Bellisso’s Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner Set while it’s currently down to $27—for two products, it’s a hard deal to pass up.

STYLECASTER | Ashley Benson Interview

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Taylor Ann Green’s Green Ribbed Cutout Dress

Taylor Ann Green’s Green Ribbed Cutout Dress With Shep

Southern Charm Season 8 Finale Fashion

Green in green! Taylor Ann Green wore this super cute green ribbed cutout dress while having a talk with Shep on last night’s finale of Southern Charm. And as luck will have it it’s still totally in-stock, so please accept our proposal to quit your job and travel the world shop it down below. 





Taylor Ann Green’s Green Ribbed Cutout Dress 1

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