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Dolores Catania’s Beige Sweater Tank Top and White Skirt

Dolores Catania’s Beige Sweater Tank Top and White Skirt

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13 Episode 4 Fashion

Dolores Catania’s beige sweater tank top and white skirt shopping for a housewarming gift for Teresa is actually a dress! I love a good, casual dress. It totally takes the guesswork out of what to wear and saves brainpower for important things. Like whose mom and sister in laws to invite to your wedding, and whose not to…


The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair


Dolores Catania's Beige Sweater Tank Top and White Skirt

Click Her to Shop the Elan Aries Dress

Click Here to Shop and Identical Dress in 3 Other Colors

(likely the same dress private labeled)

Click Here to Shop her Salvatore Ferragamo Bag

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Amazon Finds Seen on Summer House

Amazon Finds Seen on Summer House

Summer House Season 7 has started off with a bang, and not just because of the 4th of July fireworks. And while the ladies have definitely stepped up their style over the seasons, here at BBH we love that they are still not above an Amazon Find. And the fact that they make them fashun, makes us all thankful for their price tags—and Prime.


The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair


Summer House Amazon Finds

Paige DeSorbo’s Sweater Dress // Mya Allen’s White Crop Top // Amanda Batula’s Sunglasses // Amanda Batula’s Black Shirt and Pants Set // Amanda Batula’s Blue and Orange Striped Top // Mya Allen’s Taupe Bodysuit // Amanda Batula’s Cutout Dress // Sam Feher’s Plaid Shacket // Amanda Batula’s White Crop Top


Photos: Bravo TV / @paige_desorbo / @amandabatula

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Lisa Barlow’s Yellow Vest and Pants

Lisa Barlow’s Yellow Vest and Pants on Her Instastories

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City 2023 Instagram Fashion

Lisa Barlow was rocking her yacht look in her yellow vest and pant set. I have been loving the “menswear for women” trend we’ve been in. I think there’s something so sexy-business-chic about it even though that seems like a bit of an oxymoron. Either way we all have some business to attend to here which is setting sail to the Style Stealer below to get a ‘fit just like this.


Sincerely Stylish,



Lisa Barlow's Yellow Vest and Pants

Click Here to Shop Her Aya Muse Vest

Click Here to Shop Her Aya Muse Pants

Photo Credit: @lisabarlow14

Originally posted at: Lisa Barlow’s Yellow Vest and Pants

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Kerry Washington Wore $7 Press-On Nails to the NAACP Image Awards & They Looked Incredible

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Saturday night was the 54th Annual NAACP Image Awards where stars from TV, film and social media slayed the red carpet. Seriously, the looks were better than any others this award season. Kerry Washington looked especially gorgeous in a Fendi Couture dress and sparkly sandals. In fact, she looked so glam, we were surprised to find out Washington was also wearing press-on nails that cost less than $7. It’s all thanks to manicurist Kim Truong.

Truong recently teamed up with Lottie London and became the brand’s Artist in Residence to create three sets of press-on nails. For this night, they chose the KimKimNails x Lottie London’s Stay Press’d nails in Groovy Chrome to tie in with the silver and crystal pavé on Washington’s dress. On March 1, they’re launching alongside Colour Block Party (with a coral-pink base) and Glazed & Unfazed (for that glazed donut trend.)

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

“My dream collection with @lottielondon is finally available @walmart and 💅 Plus the collection is made from 30% PCR (recycled plastic) and all the outer packaging is also made from recyclable materials, perfect for all of us plant lovers,” Truong wrote on Instagram.

Each set includes 30 nails of varying sizes, adhesive pads, vegan nail glue, a nail file and a wooden stick, as well as a promise for a up to seven days wear.

lottie nals

Lottie London.

For the rest of Washington’s glam, hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew used Maui Moisture products, like the new Lightweight Curls + Flaxseed Edge Control ($10.80 at Ulta Beauty). Carola Gonzalez was on makeup with Neutrogena products (Washington is an ambassador), including Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Eyeshadow + Primer in Warm Taupe ($10.87 at Amazon) and Neutrogena Microbrown Tint Serum Eyebrow Enhancer in Deep Brown ($14.19 at Target). The results are gorgeous.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Don’t forget to mark your iCals for March 1 to pick up the KimKimNails x Lottie London’s Stay Press’d nails at Walmart.

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The Art of REALLY Listening

art of really listening

I have spent some time recently, thinking about family relationships. About three years ago we moved my mom from four hours away to live closer to us. There’s a lot of history in our relationship, and I had some concerns about the move. But I am her only child, and it needed to happen.

Three years later, we are finding our way. She is living independently but does rely on us emotionally and is with us several times each week. I am not caretaking in the true sense, but I am on some level. And who knows what the future might hold.

I’ve realized that even though she wasn’t the mother I needed her to be throughout most of my life, she loves me and has likely done the best she knew how along the journey. It has enabled me to continue to be there for her with less resentment along the way.

Relationships Are Complicated

I know that many of the women in my community at Life Balance After 50 and in this 60 and Me community are experiencing strained family relationships. Whether they are:

  • Caring for a senior parent with whom they don’t get along;
  • Experiencing strain with siblings;
  • Experiencing strain or estrangement with an adult child, which is the absolute worst emotionally, in most cases.

As I read and listen to these women, and consider my interactions with my own mother, I realize that it typically (not always, but typically) boils down to one thing.


Really listening.

Getting outside of your own head and hearing from the other person.

What Does “Really” Listening Mean? What Does It Look Like?

We don’t listen only with our ears. It’s much more than that, so let’s take a moment to explore the concept of listening.

Body Language

When you are really listening to another person, you are facing them with open body language. You are not closed off in any way.

As we really listen, we nod and react empathically to what the other person is saying, and we do this naturally. Without effort.

Verbal Language

When we are really listening, we do not speak until the other person is completely done with their thought.

There is no interrupting.

Because we are REALLY listening. Not just halfway while we figure out how to defend ourselves. We are focused and listening to every word they are saying.


Active listening is entered into with a growth rather than a fixed mindset.

A growth mindset allows us to be flexible and seek solutions.

How to Prepare for Listening

Some questions to answer for yourself before entering into the conversation might include:

“How Important Is It That I Am Perceived as Being “Right” Given the Situation?”

For example, if you are in a disagreement with one of your children, what might it mean for you to continue to defend your position? Might it mean you don’t get to see your grandchildren again? Might it mean that you don’t ever speak to your adult child again? Are either of these worth it?

“Is This a Disagreement Because the Other Person Is Truly Wrong, or Because They Are Just Doing Something Differently from Me?”

The question about differences is an important one to ask yourself. Often, we experience relationship strain because we just aren’t respectful of differences.

As the other person is speaking and you are listening, consider these questions, as well:

  1. Does what they’re saying have some validity?
  2. Can I accept at least some responsibility for this relationship strain?
  3. Might I have something to apologize for?

Keep in Mind

Really listening does not mean that another person is allowed to verbally attack you. If that is happening, you can gently interrupt and ask that they talk about how they’re feeling and what you might be able to do on your end to help resolve the situation.

These situations can be very stressful emotionally and physically. Take care of YOU while you are working on things with your family member.

Take Time in Each Day to Do Something for YOU

Something that brings YOU joy. That makes you feel fulfilled. That doesn’t involve reacting to the needs of someone else in your life.  

This could mean journaling, walking dogs at the shelter, reading to children at the elementary school, taking a class, or taking a walk in the sunshine.

The list is infinite. But the time needs to be scheduled. In your calendar, like any other important appointment.

Because it is THE most important appointment.

Find a Community of Women Who are Going Through a Similar Experience

This may be women who are caring for a difficult parent, estranged from a child, or having difficulty with a spouse. The ability to find communities of people has never been easier.

And having a group that understands you, can provide resources or an ear, and that encourages you can be a huge asset.

Keep in mind that you may not end up being best friends with your person. But reconciliation and open lines of communication are a huge win. For all parties involved.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you have a family relationship that is strained? How does this affect you emotionally? Might active listening be helpful in your situation?

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