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Kyle Richards’ Blue Round Sunglasses

Kyle Richards’ Blue Round Sunglasses With Dorit

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 Episode 16 Fashion

Based on the previews for this week’s episode of RHOBH Kyle Richards keeps the ‘70s-vibes going the day after the Rinna Beauty party with her hair blue round sunglasses. And although they’re sold out, our Style Stealers are still groovyyy baby so check ’em out below. 





Kyle Richards’ Blue Round Sunglasses 1

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Dorit Kemsley’s Black Flat Top Sunglasses

Dorit Kemsley’s Black Flat Top Sunglasses with Kyle

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 Episode 16 Fashion

There’s no better style choice after a night of partying than big curly hair sunglasses. Which is why Dorit Kemsley nailed the look in her black flat top sunglasses in the car with Kyle. But even if you weren’t up all night with your friends it’s still a good stylish fashion choice. Which is why not shopping the links and Style Stealers below would be a big mistake.


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Dorit Kemsley's Black Flat Top Sunglasses

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Shoppers Are Calling This Retinol Stick a ‘Magic Wrinkle Eraser’ & It Just Got a Rare Discount

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, STYLECASTER may receive an affiliate commission.

If you have your foot, heck, even your pinky, in the door of the skincare world, then chances are you’ve heard about retinol. It seems like there’s nothing hotter on the market right now than products that include this anti-aging and skin-clearing ingredient. But, it’s kinda hard to understand how to use it and where to put it on your skin.

See, retinoids are chemical compounds that boost the speed of skin cell turnover to help you shed everything from blemishes to scars. The vitamin A-derived compound is a fan-favorite of dermatologists and skincare obsessives alike for its ability to diminish the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots, as well. But, because it’s a chemical exfoliant, if you don’t use retinol properly, it can wreak some serious havoc on your skin. We’re talking about shedding spots, dry patches and, in extreme cases, burns.

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To avoid those mishaps, Peace Out Skincare developed a simple solution. It’s a retinol stick that allows for you to pinpoint exactly where you apply the product, and helps you avoid applying too much of it. And right now, it’s on sale as part of the brand’s Labor Day sale, where you can snag it for 25 percent off.

You might have heard of the brand before—it produces the extremely effective pore strips that went viral on TikTok. The face stick includes a 3 percent retinol blend, (most retinol products have anywhere from two to 10 percent, and experts agree that those with at least 2.5 percent of the ingredient will be effective in diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes) as well as fruit complexes that nourish and altar your skin in one fell swoop.

Designed to work with any skin type—oily, combination, dry, you name it—the retinol stick is best for those who have skincare concerns revolving around fine lines and wrinkles, dullness, discoloration and droopiness. The applicator takes the guess work out of applying the right amount of product to your skin, since you simply have to swipe it on to experience the impact. This makes implementing retinol into your routine so much less intimidating, shoppers say.

“I love this product because I get the benefits of retinol without the oily mess,” wrote one shopper who previously relied on serums. “I love this and recommend for those who have naturally oily skin, or anyone who doesn’t like having extra oils on.”

Even those who have never used retinol before have major success using it. 

“I am 23 and just starting to create an anti-aging skincare routine and this product has really helped me do that,” wrote one reviewer. “It’s easy to use, easy to travel with, and SO CUTE! I was also worried about irritation, being a first time retinol user but this product was ultra gentle and non-irritating, so that is a huge bonus for me!”

Peace Out Retinol Face Stick

Courtesy of Peace Out Skincare.

Though the product is brand new to the market, this “magic wrinkle eraser” is already getting rave reviews by users and experimenters alike.

According to a consumer study, 100 percent of participants (seriously) said their skin felt smoother after a month of using the retinol stick compared to how it felt before they began using the product. What’s more, 92 percent of users said their fine lines and wrinkles looked softer and less noticeable. That’s not all, though. In just two weeks, 81 percent of testers said their skin seemed firmer. That’s about as instant as skincare results can get.

Use it under your eyes to get rid of droopiness, dark circles and fine lines. Or, apply it on your forehead to get rid of those valleys that never seem to go away when you raise your brows.

“I have noticed that my fine lines appear to be plumper and more hydrated after about a week of use,” wrote one user. “This makes me feel confident that they will improve even more with consistent use, so I will gladly continue to use this product for the foreseeable future.”

To use the face stick, apply it to areas of concern after cleansing and moisturizing your face at night. Make sure to use SPF the next morning; skin is more prone to getting sunburn when retinol is applied to it. If you have super sensitive skin, the brand recommends doing a patch test first before implementing it into your nighttime routine up to two times a week.

Once your skin is used to it, sit back, relax and wait for the results to appear. You’ll be shocked at what you’ll see. Score this unique and effective formulation for 25 percent off during the brand’s Labor Day sale, where everything across the site is fair game.

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The Dark Spot Treatment That Faded My Spots & Scars Overnight Is on Sale For 25% Off

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, STYLECASTER may receive an affiliate commission.

I know everybody and their mother tells us not to pick our zits because doing so will leave behind scars, but I simply can’t help myself. When I see a big honking whitehead on my face, the only thing I want to do is get that popped and out of my system. But, of course, this leads to the scarring that I’ve been warned about. Is the satisfaction of popping zits worth it? Welllllll sometimes. Hey, those things can hurt! And I have a product on my side that can help erase those marks fast. And when I say fast, I mean it. After just one use, I noticed a difference in an acne scar overnight.

My hero product is Peace Out new Skincare’s Dark Spots Serum. You might know the brand because it produces those TikTok-viral pore strips that suck up gunk like they’re Dyson vacuum cleaners. For the record, the brand has so many other life-changing products, like a retinol stick that makes using the exfoliant so much easier. But, I digress.

I tested the dark spot serum early before it launched, and let me tell you: This thing is no joke. I first patch-tested it on a new scar on my arm to make sure it wouldn’t result in any weird spots on my face and found that it lightened the area with ease. But the real magic happened when I used it on an acne scar on my face. I used one pump of the product on a particularly dark spot that was the result of some glorious cystic acne that popped up during my period. After just one night, the area was lighter and less noticeable. With a good concealer on my side, I could finally cover the spot for real.

I didn’t think this treatment could get any better—until I found out it’s on sale for 30 percent off—just like everything else on the beloved skincare brand’s site. Peace Out’s Labor Day sale  is currently offering a sitewide discount of 25 percent off, plus free shipping on all orders, so make sure to get this serum at a discount before it sells out! Usually $29, you can shop it now for just about $22.

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Peace Out Dark Spots Serum

Photo: Peace Out Skincare.

The brand calls this a “supercharged” serum and they’re not joking. This is a seriously potent potion! It’s chock-full of AHAs, chemical exfoliants like glycolic acid that help rebuild collagen production, as well as tranexamic acid, kojic acid and alpha-arbutin. All of these ingredients minimize the look of dark spots, brighten skin tone and even out the tone of your skin.

Per the brand, this unique formula can treat acne scars, dark spots, age spots and pollution damage. A dream come true.

I’ve used this on everything from light dots to extremely deep scars and it does the trick each time. For those harsher spots, it takes about a week to heal. I use it every night after my other serums and before my moisturizer and haven’t noticed any bad side effects. Not even dryness. This is a big feat given that my skin gets dry the instant I go outside!

For the record, the vegan serum lasts a long while. I’ve been using it every night for about a month and I don’t even think it’s anywhere close to done. Be warned: It has an odd smell to it, but that goes away after a little bit. A slight stinge to the nose is fine with me for the incredible impact this has on my face, anyways.

This is the kind of skin treatment I didn’t know I needed until I started using it. As somebody who suffers from acne and acne scars, it’s heaven-sent. It treats those scars better than anything I’ve tested, and I can’t imagine my skincare routine without it. With this serum in my arsenal, I know that my skin will be glowing and looking as healthy as can be. That’s something to write home about, am I right?!

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The Many Benefits of Glutathione Supplements and Injections

glutathione supplements and injections

If you’re looking for a way to improve your overall health, glutathione injections and supplements may be the answer. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the body from damage caused by free radicals. It also plays an essential role in maintaining cell function and DNA integrity.

In addition to its many health benefits, glutathione can also help improve mental clarity and cognitive function, boost energy levels, and reduce inflammation and stress. Keep reading if you’re interested in learning about glutathione and its potential benefits!

What Is Glutathione Supplementation?

Glutathione is a small molecule that consists of three amino acids: glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine. It is produced naturally by the liver and is present in every cell in the body. While glutathione supplements are available in pill form, injections are the most effective way to increase levels of this critical compound in the body.

Glutathione Supplements

Oral glutathione supplements are typically made from glutamic acid and cysteine. These two amino acids are essential for many functions in the body, including detoxification, immune system support, and antioxidant activity. Taking glutathione supplements can be beneficial to healthy aging, improving red blood cells, managing toxin exposure, and reducing oxidative damage.

Oral glutathione supplements are often used to treat various conditions, such as fatigue, stress, including oxidative stress, anxiety, and depression. Glutathione injections are also sometimes used to improve athletic performance and reduce inflammation.

There are several glutathione pills for dietary supplements on the market. Still, many health experts believe injections may be more effective in increasing levels of this critical compound in the body.

The digestive system breaks down glutathione pills before they can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Injections, on the other hand, bypass the digestive system and are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, making them more effective at raising glutathione levels.

Glutathione Injections

Glutathione injections are usually given intravenously but can also be given intramuscularly or intradermally. The effects of glutathione injections depend on the person’s health and the reason for the injections.

In general, glutathione is thought to have various health benefits, such as being an antioxidant, and reducing oxidative stress markers, helping to detoxify the body, and reducing inflammation. In addition, glutathione injections are generally considered safe, with few side effects reported.

However, as with any medical treatment, risks are involved, and it is essential to speak to a healthcare provider before starting any new therapy.

What Are the Benefits of Glutathione?

As mentioned previously, glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the body from damage caused by free radicals. It also plays a vital role in maintaining cell function and DNA integrity.

In addition to its many health benefits, glutathione can also help improve mental clarity and cognitive function, boost energy levels, and reduce inflammation. It has been studied in its effect of Parkinson’s Disease, although the research is thin and no significant effects have been reported. In general, glutathione has few peer-reviewed studies, but the potential benefits warrant ongoing research.

Other benefits include:

  • Managing high blood pressure
  • Improving immune function
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Regulating blood sugar
  • Improving brain function
  • Fighting inflammation
  • Detoxifying the body
  • Reducing wrinkles and improving skin health

Glutathione Alternatives

If you are hesitant to try glutathione supplementation or injections, many other alternatives exist to manage stress, fight inflammation, and improve brain function.

Other Supplements and Amino Acids

Other supplements offer similar benefits to glutathione and may better fit your specific needs. Oral supplementation of vitamins and minerals can help healthy aging without significant adverse effects. Feel free to check out my choices of top supplements for older women.

  1. N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is a glutathione precursor that can help increase glutathione levels in the body.
  2. Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) and glutamine. These compounds are thought to help the body produce more glutathione and may be helpful for people who are interested in increasing their glutathione levels.
  3. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin essential for many body functions, including glutathione production. S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) is a compound involved in glutathione production and is thought to have antidepressant properties.
  4. CoQ10 is a compound involved in energy production and has potent antioxidant effects. CoQ10 made my list of top anti-inflammatory supplements for a good reason. It is an effective and inexpensive way to improve cardiovascular health, peripheral artery disease, leg arterial circulation, and manage stress.

Discuss any additional supplements or vitamins with your medical provider.


Exercise has many health benefits and can help improve glutathione levels. Physical activity can increase glutathione production and help the body eliminate toxins.

Additionally, exercise has been shown to reduce inflammation, improve brain function, maintain healthy body weight, and boost energy levels. Therefore, exercise is an excellent start if you want to increase your glutathione levels.

Diet to Improve Glutathione Levels

What you eat can also affect glutathione levels in the body. Eating a diet high in healthy fats, antioxidants, and vitamins can help improve glutathione production.

Some foods that are rich in these nutrients include:

  • Avocados
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Berries
  • Dark leafy greens
  • Cruciferous vegetables
  • Fish
  • Garlic
  • Eggs

While glutathione supplements and injections can offer many health benefits, there are many other ways to improve glutathione levels in the body.

Mindfulness Activities

Like exercise, mindfulness activities can help reduce stress and improve glutathione production. Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the moment and paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, and sensations without judgment.

Some mindfulness activities that you can try include:

If you are interested in glutathione supplementation, discussing the risks and benefits with a health care professional for professional medical advice is essential. In addition, supplementation should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Medical disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice. Please consult with your doctor to get specific medical advice for your situation.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Have you tried glutathione supplements or injections? What are your thoughts and recommendations? Let us know in the comments section.

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