10 Reasons to Travel Solo with a Group After 60

Traveling solo has its upside at
any age, even for women who have passed the midlife half-point – you do not have to consult anyone
when you want to do something particularly interesting.

The downside is that you will have
to make all the decisions yourself, including planning and research, which is
exhausting. It can feel lonely to not have anyone to share your adventurous
spirit with. Not to mention, eating alone every meal on vacation can be very
lonely indeed.

You can combine the very best of
both worlds by traveling with a group of solo travelers. Here are 10 benefits
you can reap from that experience:

You Will Make New Friends

You may arrive solo, but you will
lose that feeling very quickly. You, and everyone else in the group, will have
no choice but to make the necessary introductions. It’s less intimidating this
way too. Small groups end up bonding very quickly, especially since you’re
visiting a place of common interest.

You Will Share the Excitement

You will have others with whom to
share your travel experiences. Someone to laugh with, to do things with, share
stories, make memories – and to
take that picture of you having a great time.

You Will Not Feel Lonely

Loneliness can be hazardous to
your health and is linked to increased cholesterol level, depression, and high
blood pressure. You will not experience any feeling of loneliness in a group of
solo travelers.

You Will Feel Safer

It is true, there is safety in
numbers. Studies have shown that you are less of a target when traveling with a
group rather than alone. Everyone looks out for one another in a group.

You Don’t Need to Do Any Planning

Group tours are already planned
for you with a day by day itinerary. When you join a group, someone else
handles all the logistics. Your group leader takes care of the details. You get
to sit back, relax, and enjoy.

You Can Still Have Alone Time

Free time will be included for you
to do whatever you would like to do. And you can choose to have some alone
activities or bring a friend you made in the group.

You Will Have Guidance

Expert guides will be at your
disposal to answer all your questions about the history and culture of the
places you will be visiting.

You Will Save on Rates

Traveling with a group is much
more economical. With negotiated lower rates for hotel rooms, airfare, cruises,
and discounted rates to events, they pass that savings on to you with a lower
price than you would get if you were traveling alone.

You Will Not Pay More for Traveling Single

Traveling with a group will avoid paying
the dreaded single supplement. Solo travel companies can pair you with another
same sex roommate so that you are not paying double for a hotel room or cruise
cabin. Some cruises and tours will not have a single supplement for anyone.

Your Comfort Zone Will Be Challenged

Your new travel friends will give
you courage to leave your comfort zone and try things you would never do alone.

So don’t wait until you feel
comfortable with the idea of solo traveling with a group. Instead, get out of
your comfort zone and join a group tour – it will enhance your travel experience and save you money.

Moreover, the friendships you will
develop with people from all over the world and shared memories will be

How often do you travel by yourself? Do you
group with other people? How do you avoid paying the single supplement? What
group travels have you been to? Please share with out community!