3 Ways to Add Red to Your Outfits as a Mature Woman – from the Bold to the Subtle

“I want to wear red, but it scares me to stand out!”

I’ve been designing clothing for women
– specifically in plus sizes – for decades. And this common refrain about
wearing red is something I’ve heard time and time again.

As you get older and your personal
style begins to change, you may find that you’re less ambitious when it comes
to fashion. You want to look your best – beautiful, elegant, sexy – but perhaps
in a more subdued way.

That isn’t the case for everyone. If
you’re a bold and gorgeous woman over 50 who wants to show off vivacious colors
in your wardrobe, more power to you!

So instead of shying away from adding
red to your outfits, learn to make this beautiful color work for you. It can
enhance your personal style – whether that’s strong and bold or delicate and

Go Bold with a Crimson Red Tunic

A strong red color – like crimson –
pairs great with basic black. Keep everything else about your outfit simple and
let one piece in a powerful red tone do all the talking.

A great way to do that is with a crimson red tunic. A subtle print over the deep red will add a softer touch to the outfit without cutting down on the bold color.

Pair your standout red piece with
subtle jewelry for an outfit that looks great anywhere. Dress up your tunic
with fine metal jewelry. Or keep it fun and casual with chunky accessories that
either match the red of your tunic or complement the black in your outfit.

Going bold with red is not always easy
for plus size women who have been made to feel like they should disappear
behind their outfits. No way! If you adore this color, show it off! You’ll love
the confidence boost you get from looking your best in beautiful, bold red.

Step Up a Simple Outfit with Red Accessories

Not ready to make a bold red color the
centerpiece of your outfit? No problem. You can keep your outfit simple – in
neutral colors – but step up the interest with red accessories.

If you’re keeping it casual, chunky
red jewelry is the way to go. You can choose a simple beaded design with
matching earrings, necklace, and bracelets.

To add some more visual appeal, look
for creative geometric designs. Or mix and match the shapes and sizes of your
necklaces and bracelets. A little variety – plus a beautiful shade of red –
will take your outfit from simple to stunning.

Keep It Subtle with a Softer Red

Crimson red is not your only option.
There are lots of beautiful shades of red that are subtler, but no less
flattering or appealing. If going bold is not your preference, choose a more
delicate red to enhance your wardrobe.

One nice way to achieve this look is with a dressy burgundy cardigan. It can be worn over a black top and bottom to create an interesting color combination that doesn’t leap out like more attention-getting hues.

Look for an item that mixes a variety
of shades of red and perhaps a simple pattern to keep the color understated but
still impressive.

Burgundy is an excellent choice for formal wear. But there are many other subtle, soft reds that work in both dressy and casual outfits. Try a pastel red with white neutrals for a fresh vibe. Or tea rose red that’s light while still offering a beautiful red tone.

Adding more red to your outfits is a
great way to mix up your style and introduce a gorgeous color palette. But
don’t feel pressured to go too bold or too subtle. Use these tips to create a
look that’s perfect for you – with a combination of colors that complements
your personal look.

Which shade of red is your favorite?
How do you wear it? Has anyone tried to hint at you not to include it in your
wardrobe? Does red make you feel bold and beautiful? Please share your thoughts