Are bangs good for older women? How to get that shiny hair we had in our younger days? How do we take care of our hair as we get older?

Margaret Manning talks with celebrity stylist Denise McAdam, who has not only worked with the hair for celebrity’s and the Royal family, but for Grace Kelly, about what aging women can do make their crowning glory as beautiful as possible.

Hair Facts for Mature Women

Like everything else, as we age, our hair goes through changes as well. White and grey hair is naturally thinner, and it can suffer from nutrient deficiencies, if we aren’t eating a balanced diet.

“When we were younger, we could just grab a clip and run out the door,” Denise says, “now we need to take a bit more effort.”

As long as we feel good about our hair, we can throw on some scruffy sweats and take the dog for a walk and know that you still look good.

Denise and Margaret have a terrific conversation about older women and hair problems and Denise has offered some of her best tips for keeping our hair looking good no matter our age.

Eating Right

While our hormones and stress can play a part in the health of our hair, Denise says our diet is what really influences it. She suggests that if you eat a good diet, your hair will be naturally beautiful, but for those of us who don’t eat right, supplements might help to keep our hair looking its best.

Make Hair Thicker

Denise says to improve the texture of hair, especially fine hair, you can use fine hair serums and oils to help improve texture. She recommends serums over oil, especially if you already have oily hair.

Add Volume with This One Product

To add more volume to your hair, Denise recommends using dry shampoos that will bring volume without making the hair weaker. Conditioners are also important to keep the hair shiny and soft.

Long Hair or Short Hair?

Long hair is great if you plan on putting your hair up or off to one side, but if you can’t be bothered to do anything with your hair other than letting it hang straight down, you should probably consider a shoulder length or shorter.

Bangs- Yes or No?

Bangs (called Fringe in the UK) are a long-standing matter of debate among women of all ages, but especially among older women. Some women feel that bangs are for younger women while others say if you want to wear bangs, then wear them!

Denise says that bangs are a matter of suiting your face. If you have a high forehead, you might want to avoid bangs, however, for some women, bangs will make them look younger.

This is an inspiring video and Denise’s laughter is infectious, so be sure you take the time to check it out!

What supplements do you take for more beautiful hair? Do you think bangs and long hair for older women is appropriate? Do you have some favorite styling products you would recommend for mature hair? Let’s start a conversation!