While you’re bored in the house, in the house bored, TikTok is full of viral beauty trends to try out for yourself. During this difficult time, it’s a privilege to be home and it’s definitely a privilege to be bored. If you’re feeling up to it, TikTok is the place to be to find funny and even useful beauty tips and hacks. Some are just for fun for TikTok and you might never do again IRL (that’s okay!) and others are actually really helpful to incorporate into your everyday beauty routine.

Regardless of your hair texture, skin type or skill level, there are TikTok viral trends out there for you. Maybe you never knew what to do with your wavy hair. Well, try and diffuse it for full curls. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to create a smoky eye and it’s just more fun to watch someone create the look on their arms. Not on TikTok yet? Sign up today. It’s really easy and there are no rules. Get started and try some fun viral trends, below.


No-Heat Waves

Use socks or tights to create beachy waves overnight.

Arm Makeup

Once big on Instagram, now we can watch how talented people apply “eye makeup” to their arms step by step.

Hair Dye

Use some pigment-depositing color conditioner to play around with bright shades that wash out.

Makeup Hacks

Learn some new tips and tricks, such as color correction and inner corner highlight.

Natural Hairstyles

Find some fun new ways to style your natural hair.

Pencil Curls

Want smaller curls? Try using a pencil.

Diffuse Curls

Get your best curls ever with this viral trick.

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