9 Pro Makeup Artist Tips for Women 50+ That Can Really Make a Difference

I think
many of us can identify with the woman in one of my makeup classes for women
50+ who recently blurted out: “You wake up and feel like you’re still 30-something
and then you look in the mirror and think, ‘What the blink happened?’”

Yes, a few
changes have happened over the years,
but as a 60+ makeup artist who is passionate about helping women over 50 look
and feel their confident best, I’m always especially excited to offer solutions
to the array of interesting challenges that sometimes seem to pop up overnight,

  • How did that brow hair turn white overnight,
    and how do I tame the wiry ones?
  • And how can I possibly use eyeliner anymore
    when I have issues with watery eyes?

With these
specific challenges in mind, I’m including below nine of my pro makeup artist
tips for those of us 50+. They can really make a difference and are demonstrated
in the video above.

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How to Tame Unruly Brow Hair

I especially love this first tip because it’s a money-saving one!

If you have a few unruly brow hairs, instead of purchasing a
separate brow gel product to keep them in line, simply take a spoolie or an old
mascara wand that you’ve cleaned, and spray some hair spray on it then comb the
hair spray through your brow hairs to keep them in place.

How to Save Money on Eyeliner
and Make It Easier to Apply

Another money-saving tip is to use eyeshadow as your eyeliner. But
just a caveat to be aware of – not every eyeshadow will work well as
eyeliner. You really have to test out a few to see which will be long-lasting
and what will work best for you.

To make it easier to apply, try using a thin, firm, angled eyebrow
brush or a flat top brush. The flat top brush picks up more product than many
other brushes so it will make your application both easier and faster.

Create Waterproof Eyeliner
from Eyeshadow If You Have Issues with Tearing or Watery Eyes

When you use eyeshadow as eyeliner, you can make it waterproof by
adding one product to the mix. One option is Makeup Forever’s Aquaseal, or you
can go with Inglot’s Duraline.

To create your waterproof eyeliner, simply put one drop of either
of these products on the back of your hand. Dip your brush into your eyeshadow
and then into the Aquaseal or Duraline, and apply the product as close as
possible to your lash line.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to wash off your brush immediately or
it will harden.

How to Make Your Eye Lashes
Look Longer and Fuller

I know eyelash curlers can be a bit intimidating, but they can
really make a huge difference in how long and full your eyelashes look. How
you use the eyelash curler can also make a difference.

Start as close to the base of your lashes as possible without
pinching your eyelid. Then, lift your elbow up so it’s horizontal to your eyes
and hold for 5 seconds. Stair step up your lashes, lift and hold for another 5
seconds, and keep doing this until you reach the top of your lashes.

How to Create Glowing Skin

To create beautiful, glowing skin, you have to remove the dead
skin cells which accumulate on your skin and make it look duller. Since your
skin cells don’t turn over as fast as they used to, exfoliating twice a week
can definitely bring about a glowing skin effect.

Using a foundation with a dewy finish (as long as you don’t have
oily skin) can also help create a soft, beautiful glow.

Create a Soft, Glowing Blush

Many women experience skin dryness with age. So, using a cream
blush rather than powder can add a beautiful, soft, seamless look. But since
many cream blushes come in a stick formulation, this is a tip that can help
with the application.

Simply take a bit of your favorite moisturizer, dot it on the back
of your hand, apply a little blush to your finger and then add a tiny bit of
the moisturizer to your finger as well. This will help the blush glide on
effortlessly and add some additional glow to your skin.

Where you put the blush is also important, since you have to work
against gravity. So, apply the blush slightly below the top of your cheekbones – starting at your ear and coming forward at a slight angle.

How to Get Rid of Shine on
the Nose

If, like me, you put powder on your nose and 10 minutes later it
looks shiny again, try this trick: apply tinted eyeshadow primer to your nose
instead of foundation.

It helps prevent the oil on your eyelids from causing eyeshadow
creasing and smudging and will help prevent the oils on your nose from coming
through and creating shine as well.

Finally, Two Tips for
Creating a Flawless Finishing Look

Many of us are used to automatically applying powder to our entire
face. But consider only applying it to where you need it most (like the T-zone
which tends to get oilier) as too much powder can start to look cakey.

Also, consider using a setting spray to set your makeup. But
rather than spraying it onto your face, spray it onto a slightly dampened makeup
sponge, and gently push the sponge into your makeup.

What are your biggest makeup woes? How do you handle them? Do you
have any favorite makeup tips you can share? If so, please do! What other makeup
challenges do you have that you’d like help solving? Let’s have a discussion