Afraid to Begin Exercising These Tips Will Help You Start Well

Has your doctor told you to become more active and take
up some form of exercise? Are you left wondering what type of exercise to do
and where to start?

You might have thoughts

  • I don’t
    want to look like a fool.
  • My
    body doesn’t look the part.
  • I am
    very uncoordinated or unbalanced.
  • I
    don’t want to do anything that makes me feel uncomfortable.
  • I’m
    not fit enough to start anything new.

All of these thoughts are natural responses, and
everyone can identify with at least one. Starting is the hardest part.

Beginners often feel both excited and daunted when taking
up a new movement practice.

Where to Start?

Below are a few tips I give when presenting a beginner’s
fitness regime.

Find Something You Enjoy

Before you commit to an exercise regime, it’s best to
do some research and figure out what you like and don’t like in an exercise
plan. Start by listing all the positive and negative traits of plans you tried
in the past. Remember, there’s no point in doing something you won’t enjoy.

Exercise Time Can’t Clash
with Other Commitments

It’s important to commit to a new fitness regime
without it being a burden on your time or trying to squeeze it in around other
commitments. Find something that you
will fit into your lifestyle.

Plan for Accountability

A friend, buddy, or partner is a great way to keep on
schedule and is also fun when sharing the experience. Find a group or someone who uplifts and supports you. If you
prefer to go solo, that’s fine too. You can be your own best friend.

How Do I Know What
Movement Practice to Start with?

It is difficult to know straight from the beginning what
you might like or what fits with your lifestyle. Try a few different types of
movement and exercise to determine what suits you best.

  • For instance, if you enjoy the outdoors, try different walking tracks or go
    for a short hike in the hills.
  • If
    you enjoy swimming, try aqua aerobics or lap swimming.
  • Try
    stretching exercises, Pilates, or Yoga.
  • Do you like dancing? Take a half hour dancing class.

You don’t need to have all the answers straight away.
Take your time to find a movement and exercise plan that’s right for you and fits
into your daily routine. That’s the beauty of exercise and fitness; there is no
right or wrong way, only your way.

Dealing with Your Inner
Ogre, Negative Nelly

I lack confidence. I’ll look
ridiculous. I’m too unfit. People will laugh at me.

Confidence comes from stepping off the sideline and
taking action. It may feel strange and more than a little awkward or uncomfortable
at first. That’s ok.

It doesn’t matter if you have limited fitness or negative
self-image problems. Wherever you start from, is the beginning.

Practice being kind to yourself and accept the amazing
body you have.

Take baby steps. Sure, you want to get stronger and
fitter and see those changes. You will. Baby steps are the building blocks to

Accepting where we are right now helps us go the
distance for the long term. If we don’t do this we simply won’t start because
in our own eyes, we will never be good enough to start. And if we don’t look
after ourselves, who will?

If you work through the above tips and guidelines you
will find starting and staying consistent in your chosen movement practice
simple and effective. If you need some more guidance, you can check out this 7 Day Beginner’s Workout Guide.

Remember, everyone was once a beginner.

What different movement modalities have you tried?
What positives and negatives can you share about each? Which ones did you enjoy
the most? Is there a specific exercise plan you’d like to try? Please share
with our community.