Are You Set in Your Ways Here’s How to Tell

It’s not
just our joints that we need to keep flexible as we get older.

trouble is, we find a steady way of doing things that works well for us. In
fact, it’s always worked well for us, and there’s very little incentive to
change. That is, until one day we discover that the world has moved on and we’ve
been left behind!

Here’s a
personal example. I needed to use my mobile phone the other day, and when I
took it out, my companion laughed at it. I realised that my perfectly
serviceable Apple iPhone is now about 10 years old.

don’t even look like that anymore. So, do I buy a new phone just because mine looks
a bit dated? Or do I save my money and risk being laughed at? I bet the last
person to use a quill pen had the same thoughts about upgrading to a fountain one.

Never Say Never!

changes, obviously. And we change too, so what might have suited 20-year-old
you or 30-year-old you might not work for 60-year-old you.

I’ve lived
through miniskirts, hot pants, flares, peasant blouses, shoulder pads, afghan
coats, kitten heels, leggings (twice), hoodies, desert boots, and platform
soles. I think I could still rock the flares – but hot pants? Probably not…

change. Trouser legs change. Heels change. Even the way to carry a handbag
changes. That doesn’t mean we have to follow every whim of the fashion industry
– but it doesn’t mean we have to automatically disregard it either.

We have to
stay open minded and evaluate our choices. I’m a firm believer in never saying

Things Move On

The tech world
changes quicker than anything. What do you use your mobile phone for? Of all
the things you can do with a mobile phone, making an actual phone call isn’t even
in the top 10 anymore.

As for
landlines, only old people give their landline number when asked for contact
information. In 2019 in the UK, 21% of households didn’t have a landline phone
at all.

Fewer and
fewer people wear watches, because their phone has the time on it.

we have no choice but to try and keep up!

Old or New?

someone suggests something new, something out of the ordinary, something
different, what’s your default setting?

Do you
immediately think, “Oh, no, that’s not for me,” or do you think, “Oo, that
sounds interesting, let’s give it a go”? Do you actively seek out the latest trends,
or do you enjoy the comfort of the familiar?

your attitude to food –
how willing are you to try new food combinations? Smashed avocado, dukkah
spice, sriracha? Or do you prefer to stick to what you know?

How about
visiting new places? Maybe you’re happier to vacation at the same place every
year. Maybe you feel safer driving on roads that you’re familiar with. Or maybe
you have a bucket list of places to see and you spend your holidays ticking
them off.

As I’m
newly single, I’m working toward discovering the joy of being able to go where
I want, when I want. Here’s what I got up to on my Road Trip
– some familiar places, some new ones.

And the
same goes for TV programmes, films, music, books, the way we do our make-up, and
a gazillion other things.

How Open-Minded Are You?

One of my
colleagues asked me the other day if I would ever get a tattoo. The honest
answer is probably not – but who knows? It’s perfectly possible.

If I did, I
think it would be a beautiful butterfly on my right shoulder blade. I can’t say
for sure that I would never have one done. In fact, the more I think about it,
the more I think – why not?

Why Not?

That’s not
to say we have to blow with the wind. Some things are not for changing, like
our values and good manners. The important thing is to stay open to the possibilities.

automatically say no to something you haven’t tried before. Don’t avoid the new
simply because it’s new. Don’t say no –
say “Why not?”

new thing did you try recently that you really liked? Are you up for
experimenting with technology, food, and travel? What tattoo would you get if
you ever decided you wanted one? Please share your thoughts with our community.