Look—I’m not one to tune into workout videos led by celebrities or someone who regularly watches an exercise Youtube channel. It’s just not ~who I am.~ That being said, something about Ashley Graham’s Instagram video arm workout has me intrigued. Perhaps it’s the fact that Ashley Graham is a true queen and I live for all of her Instagram content. Or maybe it’s that this workout video is quick and actually seems manageable. Either way, I might actually take a break today and do this arm workout. (*Cue everyone who’s ever known me looking shocked and confused AF.*)

What can I say? I’m a sucker for Ashley Graham and at-home workouts that don’t look like they’ll remind me of the fact that I definitely don’t exercise enough. As much as I wish I were a runner or someone who loves doing cardio, I am not. Even in sixth grade, I’d end up finishing last in the mile run. Working up a sweat clearly isn’t in my DNA—So if there’s a workout that actually looks appealing to me, you know it’s likely a quick and fun one.

This 15-minute arm exercise from Ashley Graham isn’t necessarily meant to be an entire workout on its own, but it totally can be. Add it in at the end of a long walk or run in your neighborhood or just do it as a mid-afternoon break to get your blood pumping. As long as you take care of (and appreciate) your body, there’s no wrong way to get moving. While we’re all stuck inside, finding the motivation to exercise can be more difficult than usual. Consider Ashley Graham’s quick arm workout the inspiration you need to move a little today. Get up, stretch and let the model show you how its done. Before you know it, you might turn into the type of person who watches workout Instagram videos all the time—Anything is possible!

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram