When Y2K pop star Avril Lavigne burst back onto the scene just a few years ago, we were surprised to see she looked basically the same. Sure, we all got older but her pop-punk clothes were the same and her long, blonde hair was just as we remembered it. Well, not anymore! On October 25, Lavigne posted a video in which Yungblud is chopping off her long hair. No, not a hairstylist but a fellow singer who actually seems to know what he’s doing.

When you watch the video, you’ll see Yungblud chops off a lot of hair — at least five inches. No doubt, some of it is hair extensions but still, Lavigne looks pretty shocked by the amount of hair that falls to the floor. Of course, there’s a reason Yungblud did the cutting. Lavigne just announced a new single, “I’m a Mess” with Yungblud out November 3. Maybe she wanted a fresh start for a fresh new single.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

The bob length is seriously perfect on her. She shared images of the single’s artwork in black-and-white, as well as a shot showing Yungblud with his scissors. “When you let @yungblud cut your hair…” she captioned the photos.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

The best thing about the haircut is how Lavigne still looks like herself. She’s still rocking thick black eyeliner and dark lipstick, while wearing a black leather jacket. Now, her hair is just shorter but in the same blonde hue with orange streaks as before. In fact, you can see even more orange now that the blonde ends are cut off. It’s striking and fans agree. “I was waiting for her to cut her platinum long hair since 2013. Can’t wait to see the final result (and to listen to the new song),” wrote one on Instagram. We’d have to agree.

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