While I know you like for us to stick to fashion on BBH, there is a lot of much needed change happening in the world right now that needed to be addressed. 

The last week has been one of the toughest in recent memory for many people, but there is positivity emerging and it’s The Greenwood Project Chicagoimportant to keep the momentum going in terms of helping the Black community. And while spreading awareness of issues involving racism is very important, connecting with each other is what will bring actual change. If you’re not sure where to start, I’m here to talk about an amazing organization that my husband and I have been involved in for the past 4 years: The Greenwood Project.

The Greenwood Project is Chicago-based non-profit founded by Bevon and Elois Joseph that helps connect talented minority youth with jobs in finance. While financial donations are important, lending a hand and opening up your network is really what is need to bring change about. (Click here to watch a video with a more in depth look at the program)

The truth is a lot of people have a head start simply based on who they are born to. While I didn’t specifically have connections in the industry I work in, I was lucky enough to have parents that were able to put me through college which gave me a foundation for what I’d eventually do…and I’ve seen people get jobs simply because of who their parents are. That is not the reality for most of the world, and those of us who have had advantages need to recognize that and pay it forward if the world is ever going to really change.

So whether you are able to offer a student with an internship, spare an hour of time for a virtual “Lunch and Learn” sharing your business expertise or make a connection between someone that can do these things and the organization, you can help.  Click HERE to get involved.

Fighting racial inequality is an issue that is close to my heart and has been for a large portion of my life based on the issues I began to see my minority friends deal with from a young age. What the Greenwood Project is doing, lead by founders Bevon and Elois, is an amazing step. I feel lucky to be able to be involved and I would love to connect any of you that are interested, please email Lauren@BigBlondeHair.com with questions and I’ll gladly get you to the right people to answer them. 

Thank you to those of you who have already gotten involved via our social media. 

In closing, I cannot begin to tell you how much it has meant to me to have the opportunity to connect with these students whether it’s been at events, working in the office, or having dinner together. They have taught me so much, and are already on the road to doing things that are going to change the world…many of them already are. 

You will not regret lending a hand.

 The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair

You can make a donation by clicking HERE

The Greenwood Project

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