Like many models, Bella Hadid generally keeps her hair in a classic, mid-length cut that can be switched up easily for fashion shows. She does like bangs though, often giving faux fringe or curtain bangs a spin. Just like other celebrities while home physical distancing, Hadid cut bangs herself, opting not to wait for salons to open back up and her glam team to re-join her. Don’t worry though—Hadid is a bit of a pro because she leaned from the best.

Unlike Camila Cabello who had her mom trim her bangs and things got a little sticky, Hadid gave her own fringe a light dusting so she can finally see again. “I cut my bangs,” the model captioned an Instagram photo. She kept her fringe long and side-swept, which is a lot easier to cut and a lot harder to make a mistake. No doubt, she learned a thing or two from her hairstylist Jen Atkin, who has been giving at-home tips and tricks over on her own Instagram.

bella hadid bangs


Bella isn’t the only Hadid sister taking a spin as a hairstylist while in isolation. Older sister Gigi gave her friend Leah McCarthy a “full quarantine cut” per McCarthy’s Instagram. “I go to the Hadid salon because the prices are fair and the snacks are good,” she joked. Both models did a pretty great job cutting hair. Models often pick up hair and makeup skills since they spend so much time with the best of the best artists in the game, while sitting in their chairs. Still, we’re sure they can’t wait until their glam team comes back into their life.

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