If you were a teenager in the mid-2000s, chances are Jessica Simpson, Kelly Roland and Kelly Clarkson had the exact hair you wanted. It was all about the super-heavy highlights and high-contrast color. Well, the look is back with a modern-day twist. Bella Thorne’s new chunky highlights prove early-aughts beauty styles are bigger than ever. The star traded in her blue highlights for face-framing brightness and it looks great on her.

Thorne was not a teenager in the mid-2000s. In fact, she was born in 1997 so she was a bit too young to jump on the chunky highlights train. We’re not sure if she was inspired by the celebrities from the time. But the look is back with a vengeance. Even Jennifer Lopez debuted heavy highlights back in early March and Kylie Jenner has been sporting heavy blonde highlights lately. Now, don’t panic that low-rise jeans are coming back, too. (Though there are some rumblings that they might be.) These trends are getting a 2020 spin.

Thorne, like Lopez and Jenner, chose heavy face-framing highlights instead of all the allover high-contrast ones from the 2000s. This keeps the look fresh and modern.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

We’re not sure exactly how Thorne updated her hair during safer-at-home orders (six feet away, people!) but it’s possible she or a housemate gave her hair the “E-girl” update. We’re loving the look, though we liked her blue highlights from March, as well. There’s something about her. It’s either confidence or allover style but whatever look she tried ends up being a success. We have a feeling this one will be sticking around.

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