Brielle Biermann’s Beige Dress on Instagram

Don’t Be Tardy Instagram Fashion 2020

According to Instagram Brielle Biermann was photographed the other day waiting in line at the Biermann mansion “Club Quarantine” in a body-hugging beige dress which she accessorized with a teensy tiny blue purse. And if you’re wondering what’s inside, well according to a comment she made on the post it’s big enough to fit just her Juul and one credit card (lol lol); but then again, you don’t really need that much when partying it up at home oops, “Club Quarantine.”



Brielle Biermann’s Beige Dress

Bag Also Seen on Dorit Kemsley in Green:

Dorit Kemsley's Mini Purse

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Photo #1: @BrielleBiermann

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