Building Resilience in Tough Times Do We Have It in Us to Move Forward

Back in February, I didn’t realize the timeliness of the article I wrote about resilience and the lessons we learn that help us bounce back from difficult days.

Here we are now,
in a crisis bigger than any of us imagined a month ago. The Coronavirus blew into
our lives like a tsunami. It set us back on our collective heels, threw us into
varying degrees of loss and grief, and robbed too many of us of our health or,
worse, of people we love.

changed. This is a lot to bounce back from. 

We’ve never been asked
to fight this kind of battle. In the coming weeks and the following months, we will
continue to manage uncertainty and learn to navigate new waters. 

And the truth is,
we don’t know what life will look like when this war ends. So, since no one has
a crystal ball, what do we know?

We know we have Right
. We know we can build resilience muscles. And we know that, during
this unsettled time, we do that minute by minute, day by day.

When Life Is
Uncertain, Take Care of Yourself

Our culture
teaches that, when problems arise, we’re supposed to figure out the answers.
But when really big events happen, like this pandemic, trying to figure things
out is the last thing we need to do, not the first.

Thank goodness there
are experts and helpers working tirelessly to provide a solution for us. And there
are trusted sources we can go to for information. The rest of us can give
ourselves a break as we follow the recommendations and guidelines. Our job right
now is to do what comforts us and calms us.

Many of us find solace
in a spiritual practice or in adopting that practice to this environment of
social distancing. Many of us are reassured by routine, creating simple structure,
and performing daily rituals. Practicing gratitude and noticing small things
that spark joy are universally comforting.

Whatever you
choose to do that quiets the mind and nourishes the rest of you is okay during the
first stages of big change. We return to our center of Peace not by making
giant leaps but by taking small steps. The time to “figure it all
out” will come. We’ll be stronger when it does if we’ve put ourselves
first for a while.

Creativity Brings

Unstructured time can be considered a creative white space. That space is fertile ground for the “makers,” the artists, the teachers. And that includes each of us, whether or not we’ve ever practiced art as a profession.

Your inner
creative self might wake up! When she does, she’ll probably bring
lightheartedness and playfulness with her.

She may come
through in traditional ways like writing or music. But she could appear in the
form of a new furniture arrangement for the living room. Or baking a cake from
scratch. Maybe she wants the colorful scarf you bought to celebrate Spring to
be worn around the house!

Creative pursuits
show us what’s possible. When we see what’s possible, we become hopeful about
what’s next.

Authentic Connection
Carries Us Through

The world feels
smaller than ever.

I appreciate what late-night talk show hosts are doing – broadcasting live from home and winging it a little. And I love the musicians who serenade us online from around the world, unplugged and without the glitz. It feels personal and real.

If this current
situation teaches us anything, it will be the positive impact of genuine
Uncertainty has allowed us to fearlessly reach out. It’s stripped down the
pretense and made us brave enough to make that phone call, send that email. Use

The more we
connect in the coming weeks, the stronger our bonds will become. And, thanks to
those bonds, we’ll be ready for what’s to come.

Do we have it in
us to get through this? We certainly don’t have a rulebook.

But we do have the
resilience we brought with us into this situation. We have the capacity to
become stronger. We have each other. And we have Right Now.

I’m hopeful
that’s a recipe not only for bouncing back but for moving forward, however that
will look.

Do you have it in you to move forward in
difficult situations? What do you think it takes to build resilience in tough
times? When the world closes in around you, what keeps your mind open and
active? Please share with our community!