With more than a month of social distancing and hair salons still being closed, celebrities are taking their hair into their own hands, for better or for worse. While hunkering down in Miami, Camila Cabello’s mom cut her daughter’s bangs instead of the pop star trimming her fringe herself. At first, it didn’t look like things were going so well as Cabello’s mom snipped her daughter’s bangs while they’re still wet. Oops.

“Alright guys, so, this is what it’s come to. The bangs are too long, can’t go outside,” Cabello said on her Instagram story. “I’m going to have to trust this woman with my bangs because I can’t trust myself. They look like mountains because that’s what I used to do in seventh grade. I used to cut my own bangs and they looked like mountains. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts warning people not to do this. Let’s see how it turns out. Right now, I look like Snape.”

Cabello’s mom seems to just start cutting, which panics her daughter a bit. Cabello explains that her bangs are shorter in the middle and longer, more curtain style bangs, on the sides. “Not great. She already fucked it up,” Cabello says, laughing with her mom. “She just horizontal-lined that shit.”

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

The duo is obviously joking around trying to make the best of a unique situation. “It ended up looking not that bad,” admits Cabello. But she had to add a little jab to her mom: “She gave me a pedicure this morning. Made my foot bleed.”

We think they’re both looking forward to spas and salons coming back into our lives.

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