Caroline Stanbury’s White Cutout Dress on Instastories

Caroline Stanbury Instagram Fashion 2020

Considering there’s barely any shows on right now and our favourite Bravolebs haven’t really been posting on the ‘Gram like they used to (besides the trusty old faithfuls: Braunwyn Windam-Burke, Kameron Westcott, Tracy Tutor and Paige DeSorbo obvs), we’re just grateful that we can always rely on ex-Bravoleb Caroline Stanbury to keep us in business with her daily (and we mean daily) OOTD’s like today’s white cutout dress. Now if only she could please look into returning to show business, that would be really great (although our wallets may beg to differ).



Caroline Stanbury’s White Cutout Dress

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Photo & Info: @CarolineStanbury

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