If there’s one thing we love about Chrissy Teigen (and there’s a lot to love), it’s her honesty. It’s refreshing when a seemingly perfect celebrity gets real about childbirth, marriage and beauty standards. In a new issue of Glamour UK, Teigen reveals her breast plant regrets, something she’s never spoken about before. “Yeah, I did my boobs when I was about 20 years old,” she told the magazine. “It was more for a swimsuit thing. I thought, if I’m going to be posing, laid on my back, I want them to be perky! But then you have babies and they fill up with milk and deflate and now I am screwed.”

This isn’t the first time Teigen has admitted to plastic surgery. In 2017, she revealed she had liposuction to get her “armpit sucked out,” something she doesn’t regret doing. But she would like her breast implants gone. “But I want them out now. If I could do one thing, it would be to have a lift,” she told Glamour UK. “I think you’re supposed to replace [implants] every ten years. But when you have kids you think about [the risks] of surgery and I think, ‘This is not the way I want to die, in boob surgery.’”

It’s pretty normal to be afraid of going under the knife, especially when you have two little kids. But that’s not the only reason Teigen isn’t current in the ER. In an Instagram post on Monday, Teigen shared a photo of herself walking a runway wearing lingerie. “Happy 10 year anniversary to these titties and RIP to these teeth,” she captioned the photo.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Comedian Whitney Cummings commented on Teigen’s post with a question you might have been thinking: “Wait isn’t ten years when we need to take them out?!” She’s speaking out the American Society of Plastic Surgeons guidelines of removing implants (or just replacing them) every 10-15 years. “Yes, dude, and I really want them OUT,” replied Teigen. “Quarantine would have been [the] perfect time, but apparently it’s not ‘ESSENTIAL’ smh.”

Teigen jokes but she’s right. Elective surgeries around the country have been rescheduled due to Safer at Home self-distancing rules. Some day, we’ll all get back out and make whatever decisions about our body that feels right to us. For now, it’s all about skincare, masks and at-home beauty treatments. Hey Chrissy, might I suggest a boob mask?