Danica Dow’s Black Cold Shoulder Top

Vanderpump Rules Secrets Revealed Fashion

We all know Danica Dow manages managed the SUR staff aaand we know that she manages to find herself in the middle of some drama as well. We’ve gotta give her some credit though because at least she does it all in style. For example her black cold shoulder top was perfect from this scene from tonight’s Vanderpump Rules season 8 Secrets Revealed because 1. It’s cute (obviously) and  2. It’s perfect for giving the ole cold shoulder to a certain ex & employee. And even if she may have made LVP mad at her for crossing the line a bit in last week’s season 8 finale, making us want this sold out top is pretty much the worst thing she’s ever done in our book


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Danica Dow's Black Cold Shoulder Top

Her Black Jesse Cold Shoulder Top is Sold Out at Urban Outfitters

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