Dayna Kathan’s Black Swimsuit

Season 8 Episode 19 Vanderpump Rules Fashion

As if choosing a side between battling pool parties isn’t hard enough, Dayna Kathan also has to choose her side with battling boys on tonight’s Vanderpump Rules. Thankfully her black one piece swimsuit is a solid choice for armor on both fronts. It’s flattering and really shows off her full arse arsenal.

For the pool party battle, she chose the right suit considering Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix’s set up is very “THOT photo” worthy. As for the boys who knows who will win that battle. Dayna seems like she’s over this constant tug of war they keep her in. At this point she’s almost convinced me that she won’t end up choosing either of them. But if it’s any consolation she’s definitely convinced me to choose this suit.


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Dayna Kathan's Black Swimsuit

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Photo Credit: @dadadayns

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