Dayna Kathan’s Season 8 Reunion Dress

Vanderpump Rules Season 8 Reunion Fashion

Green is the color of envy and boy am I envious of Dayna Kathan’s season 8 reunion dress and the entire process from picking it out to putting it on. I would do anything for something to get ready for. I mean I don’t think I’ve put on real clothes since March let alone an actual dress. I can’t even remember the last time that happened, probably in the summertime?

I know nowadays everyone’s having virtual get happy hours, meetings, and reunions which is awesome to be able to do. I have had a few myself, but my viewers have gotten no where near the glamorous looks the Pump cast is Sur-ving up during this season ending sesh. They’re honestly lucky if I’ve put on a different shirt from the last video chat. Maybe the next time I have a virtual reunion I’ll get all dressed up in honor of Season 8 too.


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Dayna Kathan's Season 8 Reunion Dress

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