Denise Richards’ White and Gold Dress at Kyle Richards’ Dinner Party

Season 10 Episode 3 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fashion

Denise Richards’ may not be feeling fine but she looks better than ever in her white and gold dress at Kyle Richards’ dinner party, especially for undergoing surgery just prior. I’ve only had one surgery in my life (appendectomy) when I was 12 and I don’t remember feeling like I could function properly for at least 2 months, let alone go to a dinner party a shortly after. Yes I was only 12 so a dinner partiers weren’t exactly in my planner, but I can still say that I wasn’t about to hit up my friends on Yahoo Messenger let alone leave my house.

As an adult I appreciate Denise’s bounce back. She certainly is strong and tough for what she had gone through. If I ever needed to have surgery again, I’d hope that I come out healthy and still have the strength to keep strutting in my cute heels and mini dress, just like Denise.


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Denise Richards' White and Gold Striped Ruffle Dress

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