Dorit Kemsley’s Black Cat Eye Sunglasses

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2020 Instagram Fashion

We all know that seeing a black cat means bad luck if you’re superstitious. But did you happen to know that here at BBH we think seeing black cat eye sunglasses means good luck? And it’s your lucky day because Dorit Kemsley’s sunglasses from her Instastories are fully stocked. They may look familiar from our Real Housewives Zodiac Sign Fashion roundup because they were included in the “Cancer” section of the post based on our girl Dorit Kemsley—further proof Faryn’s picks are right on! But obviously you don’t have to be a moody Cancer to wear them (I can say that as a Cancer, btw). You just have to be in the mood for a great stylish pair of sunglasses.


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Dorit Kemsley's Black Cat Eye Sunglasses

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Photo Credit: @doritkemsley


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