Dorit Kemsley’s Black Sweatshirt on Tik Tok

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Instagram Fashion

This weekend Dorit Kemsley and co jumped on the Tik Tok bandwagon, and I’m super thankful because it’s a great way for us here at BBH see what our favorite fashionistas are wearing at home. In fact, Dorit’s new account mayyyyy have just been the highlight of my weekend in the most literal sense. And in this case it also provided me the opportunity to see PK dance, which really almost stole the show from DK’s oversized hoodie. Almost.


The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair

Dorit Kemsley's Black Sweatshirt on Tik Tok

Click Here to See Her Off-White Sweatshirt

Click Here to See their Tik Tok

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