Dorit Kemsley’s Graphic Ringer Tee

Season 10 Episode 7 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fashion

Dorit Kemsley looked adorable in her graphic ringer tee at Kyle Richards house, who was shocked that she was the first one to arrive (and early) and quite frankly I was too. That must mean she didn’t have a 4 am glam session and a photo shoot pre arrival even though I think she should have because I loved her tee shirt look.

I just adore Dorit’s unique style and it would be a dream to have a girls day of facials, manicures, and of course couples therapy shopping! But since I can’t shop with her, I’ll just have to shop vicariously through her by stealing her style.


Sincerely Stylish,


Dorit Kemsley's Graphic Ringer Tee

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