Erika Jayne Girardi’s Vanity Mirror on Instagram

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Instagram Decor

I’ll start off by stating the obvious, this Beverly Hills Housewife is stunning. Always. Day and night. And, I think we all can agree that Erika Jayne Girardi’s tabletop vanity mirror is a must have. We all may not have our own glam room but that doesn’t have to stop us from having our own LED mirror like Erika. What’s so great about this mirror? Where do I begin?

Maybe the tilt and swivel that is necessary to get the best out of every angle. Or maybe it’s the wireless bluetooth speaker. You can literally stream music, makeup tutorials from YouTube, or any audio you wish. Perhaps its the luxury of answering and making phone calls through your mirror while you glam it up. Unheard of. Oh, and don’t worry, you can use your mirror to charge your phone. What! Headed to the woods to camp glamp and still want to look camera ready for any passing sexy lumberjack? Enjoy cordless operation with 100% portability.

The real question is, what can’t this mirror do?

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Erika Jayne Girardi's Vanity Mirror on Instagram


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