The number one thing you can do to revolutionize your look is to change your eyebrow shape. As a senior, what techniques do you need to know so that your brows are stunning, in-line with current trends, and easy to work with?

Is your hair
color different from your eyebrows and should they match? What brow shape is
the most flattering for your face? How are eyebrows for senior women different
than, say, a millennial’s eyebrows?

Being a
professional makeup artist and business woman who floats around Instagram and
Facebook, I can attest that the difference is potentially huge. For example, eyebrow
styles for a 25-year-old would resemble Groucho Marx’s eyebrows on an older
woman! As entertaining as he was, a fashion statement for older women he is

As we age, our
faces become more angular and need a softer, more blended look, rather than the
sharp lines and ultra-thick brows trending now. With this in mind, I created
the above video tutorial to show what techniques are more suited to an older

What are the key
factors to create a perfect brow?

Eyebrow Shape

Eyebrow styles
are regional and also cultural. What this means is that you can create the look
that suits your personality as well as your location. I live in Colorado, where
the women wear yoga clothes to work and mascara is a sufficient amount of

That being said,
my best friend lives in Atlanta and the women there wear more makeup than I
would ever wear on a daily basis! The nuts and bolts, however, of shaping your
brows remains relatively consistent no matter where you live.

To shape your
brows, take a pencil or brush and place it from the outside corner of your nose
straight up (line A in the figure below). That is where your brow should start.

Then take the
brush from the outside of your eyeball straight up, and that is where your brow
should arch (line B).

Then, put the
brush from the edge of your nose, to the outer corner of your eye and up into
your hairline (line C). That is where your brow should end.

Lastly, draw a
straight line from the bottom of where your brows begin to the bottom of where
they end (line D).

eyebrow tips for older women

Should I Color My Eyebrow

In some cases,
our eyebrows can become thinner and the color turn different from that of our
hair. This begs the question, should you color them?

Well, it all
depends on what looks the most natural and appropriate on you. For example, if
you have let your hair go grey, and your eyebrows are still blonde or dark,
this might look very pretty and flattering!

On the other
hand, if the blonde in your brows is turning into a dirty yellow blonde shade,
it might be worthwhile to brighten them up.

As a rule of
thumb, you don’t want your brows and your hair color in competition. Therefore,
if you color your hair bright red, you might want to have your brows a cool
brown, and if you color your hair blonde and your brows are silver, it makes
sense to have them match.

the Best Way to Fill in Your Brows?

There are
basically three different ways to fill in brows: a cream or liquid/gel, a
powder shadow, or a pencil. In the video, I focus on shadow and pencils to
shape and boost the brows, as in my not-so-humble opinion, using a cream or gel
provides lines that look too sharp on older women.

If creams and
gels are your preferred method, then feel free to ignore my advice, but in
general I use the other two methods.

Pencil is a
wonderful and simple way to fill in brows. Be sure to use
short strokes so that it matches your natural hair growth and length. Then use
your finger to blend it in so that it loses the sharp edges and “lined” look.

Eyeshadow is an easy to use method to fill in
brows as well. Using a slanted brush, or small tipped brush, fill in your brows
according to the preferred shape. You can use the edge of the brush, or your
fingers to blend in the color so that it looks the most natural. On the whole,
I use eyeshadow when filling in brows on older women because it’s fast and
blends well.

Have fun with these
ideas to shape and color your brows and see what works best for you. Or you
might be like my many Colorado friends, who do nothing at all and are totally
happy. Whatever your choice, I hope this has been helpful!

What are your
struggles with eyebrows? What works best for you? Do you fill in your brows or
color them, or both? What techniques do you use? Please share with our