fashion over 60

often today’s society and media outlets attempt to embody youthfulness as the
face of fashion and beauty. This may attract younger generations but does a
dis-service to women of all ages and to the fashion industry as a whole!

brings wisdom, and who better to lead the way of fashion knowledge than women
who have been through a few decades of fashion dos and don’ts themselves?
Generations who came of age in the 40s through the 70s brought forth plenty of
fashion to celebrate!

fashionistas of today would die for a vintage piece from the 70s, or that
amazing sheath dress that you didn’t think would make it past the high school

The Face of Fashion

is not only the clothes you wear, but the way you carry yourself and the
self-expression you choose to share with the world. Embracing fashion trends is
ageless. It’s about embracing who and where you are in life right now – today! And it doesn’t
come with an age limit. 

Consider Iris Apfel, for example. At age 98, she continues to inspire the world through her bold fashion choices.

if large jewelry pieces and bright bold colors are not your style? An elegant
and classic black look is just as impactful. Carolina Herrera and Jane Seymour,
for example, keep in touch with the classic fits and styles, while still making
an impression. 

your style embodies, it’s important to stay true to yourself while also being
open to trying new things! If you are looking for ways to spice up your
wardrobe, consider these 5 easy tips! 

Pick Signature Colors

you know a color looks amazing on you, you feel like you can conquer the world.
Choosing a group of colors will help you develop a wardrobe with functionality
and consistency.

the time to find what hues work best with your complexion and build from there.
Remember the seasonal factor: warm colors are ideal in the fall/winter, and
cool, brighter hues really pop in the spring/summer. 

Add a Lipstick

will pull any look together. It makes you look ready to go for any outing, even
just a trip to the grocery store!

in mind that choosing bold colors in your outfit requires neutrals in your
makeup, and vice versa! If you choose tones such as black, white, and navy,
bold colored lips can make a beautiful statement. 

Add Another Layer (This Is an Art)

the coloring of layers consistent and within your signature color realm. Focus
on the fabrics you’re pairing. It can be really fun to play with different

Stick to just one bulk item, since more than one will take you into unflattering territory. Most importantly, have fun with it! There is an endless number of combinations that can be used to keep your wardrobe exciting. 

Use Statement Pieces of Jewelry

may not be comfortable to go as bold as Iris in your jewelry, but you could
definitely make a statement like Maye Musk.

can be as easy as adding a cute pair of dangly earrings, or maybe your closet
leans more towards chunky necklaces and matching bracelets. Either way, jewelry
provides the perfect touch to wrap an outfit together. 

Throw on a Hat for an Extra Accessory

are a perfect pairing piece if your outfit needs a little extra something. It
can drastically take an outfit from blah to chic. Find a go-to hat that fits
your face structure and complexion, something that you can throw on with ANY
type of outfit. Also, this provides a quick fix for a bad hair day! 

is your fashion icon? What is your most flattering color? Do you have
a signature “go-to” item in your wardrobe? Share in the comments to see
what others love to wear.