Interior Design with Vastu

Have you ever walked into a beautifully designed space, maybe your own, and sensed the “vibes” still weren’t right?

Or maybe you feel like you don’t belong in your own home; that it doesn’t reflect the real you. Something is missing, but you can’t quite put your finger on what.

I’ve heard many such something-is-missing comments in my years as an interior designer and Vastu consultant. This “something” is a common design dilemma because most design work focuses on the visual space, how it appeals to the eye.

Yet the key component to unlocking the full beauty, essence, and soul of any space begins and ends with how it feels.

Vastu Is “Yoga for the Home”

That’s where the power of Vastu comes in. Vastu, sometimes referred to as yoga for the home and the yoga of design, is an ancient Indian science and wisdom that shows us how to connect our spaces with the laws and elements of nature.

Though not as widely known as its sister sciences of yoga, meditation, and ayurvedic medicine, Vastu has been practiced for over 10,000 years.

When we apply Vastu’s design principles to our personal environments, we increase the beauty and joy of life well beyond the merely decorative. We create energetic shifts that can subsequently boost well-being in every aspect of our lives.

Our Spaces Need Frequent Adjusting and Aligning

Vastu recognizes that our living spaces are as energetically alive as we are. If we build, design, and live opposed to the flow of nature’s laws, it’s easy to see how all these energies are disrupted. Just as our bodies need intermittent adjusting and realigning, so do our spaces.

Vastu Creates a Sense of Belonging

Stress and imbalance in our physical structures inevitably creates stress and imbalance in our personal lives. I discovered this during a time of difficult life changes and transitioning.

In my 50s, I found myself divorced, an empty-nester, and jolted out of my spacious suburban home into a small in-town apartment. I was struggling to adapt and feel secure in my new life and surroundings. I had an overwhelming sense that I didn’t belong anywhere anymore, especially in this apartment.

One day a friend sent me an email with information about a Vastu workshop. I had never heard of Vastu but was intrigued with its design and energy principles and wondered whether they really made a difference. I attended the workshop and quickly discovered they did.

As I began applying Vastu principles in my apartment, everything shifted. Before long, I had a deep sense of belonging in my small space. It became my safe place, my sanctuary and reminded me that life was good and beautiful and so was I.

What I learned in the workshop so deeply resonated with me that I soon began training to become a Vastu consultant and incorporate its principles into all my design work.

Small Changes Create Major Energetic Shifts

Vastu teaches that everything in the universe is composed of five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. These elements are also linked to the geographic directions and atmospheric energies.

While deep-diving into the science of Vastu can become complex, there are many things you can do, with only a beginning knowledge, that can help shift the energy of your home today.

Small changes create major energetic shifts that will help you live a simpler, more abundant, and joyful life as you live in alignment with nature.

Four Tips to Help Shift Your Home’s Energy

Here are four tips you can easily begin to implement today that will help align the energy to create a feel-good, home sweet home.

Keep Your Home’s Entryway Clean and Open

The exterior entrance to your home should say, “Prosperity abides here!” It is your invitation to all the good things you desire from life. So, remove its dirt, dust, and cobwebs. Clear any clutter and replace the worn threshold doormat. An attractive planter with flowers and greenery also adds a nice touch.

Your interior entryway should have “curb appeal,” too. The space you first see in your home should be well-lit, uncluttered, and tidy. All who enter, especially you, should feel as though happiness was greeting them with open arms.

Place Furniture Off the Wall

Energy needs to breathe and circulate around and under furniture. To ensure that, keep all furniture ideally four inches away, if possible, from the wall to minimize geopathic stress. If your walls have baseboards, your furniture will already be about one to two inches from the wall.

Bring Nature Inside

Create harmony and connection between the interior of your home and the outside with beautiful greenery. Plants purify the air and create a feeling of healing and calm. Vastu does not recommend prickly plants, including succulents, but go with your intuition and favorites when choosing.

Open Up Your Financial Northeast Corner

According to Vastu wisdom, the northeast corner is the money sector of your home. Always send out an energetic message from this area that you are open to receive money.

Use the compass on your smartphone to find the northeast corner, and make sure whatever is there is open and uncluttered with room for prosperity to flow freely to you.

I recently mentioned this principle to a friend who was struggling to get her business off the ground. She discovered that her northeast corner was centered around a jumbled, disorganized, catch-all closet, much like her business and finances felt.

She spent a couple of days clearing and reorganizing the closet. A short time later, she told me that several new business programs had “coincidentally” opened up, giving her business the boost it needed.

Even adjusting a single element can correct that missing “something.” So, start balancing the energy in your home today and feel the amazing shift.

Have you recently downsized? How do you feel when you enter your home – new or old? Do you think that re-organizing your space to let good vibes in will have an effect on your mood and success in life? Have you tried Vastu before? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.