Garcelle Beauvais’ Red and Pink Blazer Dress on Family Feud

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2020 Instagram Fashion

Garcelle Beauvais’ red and pink blazer dress on Family Feud is yet another outfit of hers to love. Red and pink are literally the symbol of love to me (thanks Valentines Day), so obviously I fell for this dress at first site. I unfortunately haven’t seen the Family Feud episode yet, so after I’m finished hunting down outfits I may have to hunt down the episode. I did see tid-bits on Instagram, though, and it looked interesting to say the least. We never really know what will come out of the RHOBH ladies’ mouths hitting your spouse with a loaf of bread, but we do know that whatever comes out of their closet we will totally love.


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Garcelle Beauvais' Red and Pink Blazer Dress

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