We keep saying, and you probably keep hearing, that you should refrain from making any big hair changes at home. You don’t want to spend a ton of money and time fixing it when salons re-open. Celebrities don’t seem to be heeding to this advice. Hilary Duff’s blue bob is the latest example of a star doing a big hair transformation while physical distancing. This is key because the chances of them having their glam team, or at least a colorist, at home with them are slim (though, it is possible). In Duff’s case, we’re not exactly sure who gave her this new look but we have to admit, it’s pretty awesome.

The Younger star debuted her shorter and, well, bluer hair over Easter weekend. We’re so used to seeing her with a sunny blonde hue that it’s pretty jarring at first. But it’s not the first time Duff has gone blue and probably won’t be the last. While not working, she seems to have a lot of fun with hair colors.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

While giving her daughter Banks a bath, we got a better look at Duff’s hair on her Instagram Stories. It actually looks like she went fully brunette, but with blue ombré highlights. This is seriously tough to pull off on your own, though we have some theories.

hilary duff blue hair

Image: Instagram.com/hilaryduff.

It’s probable Duff just removed her hair extensions, revealing a shorter ‘do. For the color, her light brown roots started growing in so she probably dyed all the leftover blonde this cool blue shade, making it look like highlights. Any color conditioner can help you achieve a look like this and it’s unlikely to damage your hair. It’s actually a really fun way to play around with a new hue while you’re stuck (safe) at home. We’re hoping Duff keeps this around for a little while.

At the end of this physical distancing, will there be any faux blondes left?