Think about your favorite clothing and outfits. What makes them so special to you?

Maybe it’s the way the clothing feels
and flows. Perhaps it’s the colors and the way they complement your look and

And without a doubt, your favorite
clothing fits just right. Because when it comes to looking and feeling
your best in an outfit, fit is everything.

Sadly, many women struggle to find
clothing that fits properly. Instead, they settle for a wardrobe full of
clothes that are a little too big, a little too small, a touch too long, or a
bit too tight.

For mature plus-size women in their 60s
and beyond, this can be a real struggle. Your options are often quite limited
in the plus-size departments of local stores.

But don’t let that get you down! Use
these tips to discover what fits you best and find the plus-size attire that
works best for your body and style.

Find What Already Fits You Best

Before you go shopping for anything new,
take a hard look at the clothing you already have in your closet. Find the
garments that fit you perfectly. What do you love about them?

  • Notice the length, sleeve style, and
    neckline of your best fitting tops.
  • Consider the cut, hemline, and flow of
    your favorite skirts and dresses.

At the same time, pick out the
clothing you like the look of but just doesn’t fit right. What’s different
about these items?

  • Are they too large or too tight in
    specific areas?
  • Do they draw the eye to problem areas
    instead of enhancing your natural beauty?

Once you’ve audited your wardrobe this
way, you’ll be better prepared to find more pieces that fit you perfectly.

What if your best-fitting clothing is
far less than the poorly fitting options? That’s fine – and it means you’re
about to discover a beautiful new way to show off your best self.

Shop for Fit First

Step one in creating a wardrobe full
of perfectly fitting pieces is to always
shop for fit first. You may find a plus-size top in a beautiful color, a jacket with a
stunning print
or a skirt with just the right texture.

And while those details are certainly
worth appreciating, they won’t make any difference if the item doesn’t fit you

If you’re shopping in local stores,
it’s easy enough to try on clothing right then and there. Not comfortable using
the dressing rooms? Bring your new items home, try them on, and see how they
work for you.

Compare them with your best-fitting
pieces. Regardless, be determined that you won’t keep something that doesn’t
fit just right.

When it comes to shopping online, many
plus-size women have understandable concerns about finding the right fit.
That’s why it’s important that you know
your measurements before you shop. Compare them with the online store’s
sizing guide.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to the
retailer directly before you place and order. And find out about their return
policy – because you won’t be keeping it if it doesn’t fit!

Alterations Can Make All the Difference

Stick to your rule – if it doesn’t
fit, don’t buy it. But be willing to acknowledge that even a well-fitting garment might need an alteration to truly fit

Finding a skilled, knowledgeable tailor
is critical to filling your wardrobe with perfectly fitting attire.

While some of the garments you
purchase will be perfect right off the rack, others may need to be taken in,
shortened, lengthened, or otherwise altered. These little adjustments can take
a dress from so-so to stunning, a blouse from acceptable to amazing.

You Deserve the Perfect Fit

You don’t have to settle for clothing that doesn’t fit properly. That’s true no matter your size, shape, or style. Instead, use these tips to fill your closet with gorgeous attire that fits you just right and always makes you look and feel your best.

Where do you shop for clothes? Do you first notice fit or style? What do you do if you like a garment that doesn’t fit just right? How often do you look for the services of a tailor? Please join the conversation!