Keke Palmer is known for a lot of things. It really depends on where you watch her. Maybe you’ve been a fan since her True Jackson, VP days or maybe you just can’t get enough of watching Palmer’s skincare routine on Instagram. Or maybe you’re a fan of her flawless comedic timing and the way she became the best meme of 2019 with ‘Sorry to this man.’ Then, of course, there’s her music. The list could go on and on.

Now, Palmer is working as an Olay brand ambassador for the second time, adding to her long list of gigs. Because whether you’re going into an office or you’re working from home, chances are right now you’re spending a little more time alone. It’s the nature of the game for awhile. So, the least we can do is take that extra moment for ourselves. Palmer is all about that right now, especially when it comes to taking care of your skin.

“I got a chance to work with Olay last year on their hyaluronic acid ingredient in the new body wash and conditioner,” she tells STYLECASTER. “They introduced me to the topic that the skin on your body is just as important as the skin on your face. And a lot of the ingredients we use on our face are never available in body washes.” For 2021, Olay is going a step further and adding retinol to its body products with the the Cleansing & Renewing Body Wash and Rinse-off Body Conditioner with Retinol.

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Olay added retinol to help gently exfoliate dead skin cells to leave skin feeling smoother. “It’s an upgrade to your night routine,” continues Palmer. “You’ll use the body wash first and then the conditioner, rinse it off and go to bed. You don’t really need to double-up on the moisturizer.” That’s because the line also contains moisturizing petrolatum.

“You would do it at night because your body is shedding things anyway and if you prompt it with an ingredient like retinol, it’ll help encourage that process,” she says. “We do all that cool stuff on our face, but for whatever reason, we be like, ‘who cares about the body?’ and use harsh soaps.”

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Palmer incorporates the two products into her nighttime routine, which just like all of us, also includes a lot of TV (and a workout, of course). “Everybody now is trying to be like, ‘oh TV, I’m so above it.’ I’m not above it,” she admits. “I love TV. I want to watch every Shark Tank episode that’s every existed. As well as Survivor.

In addition to showering with the retinol-infused body wash, she washes her faces with an ultra-mild cleanser. “I’ve been really wanting to not overdo it with products on my skin,” she says. Because skin is something Palmer has been talking about a lot lately, having revealed to her 10.2 million Instagram followers that she was diagnosed with PCOS and was dealing with one of its side effects: acne

Palmer took to Instagram to show how she covers her acne with makeup. She made it very clear in her caption that she did not want feedback on her routine or advice on her breakouts. She’s got it covered. Because everyone does their makeup differently and that’s okay. In fact, that uniqueness is pretty great. What if we all did a face beat exactly the same?

“That makes makeup boring. You don’t have to contour your face the same way as everybody else. You don’t have to do your brows the same way as everybody else,” she says. “I’m happy we’re getting to a place where we can say, ‘this is what works for me.’ I love that we’re allowing that for people now.”

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Palmer is excited about all the diverse displays of beauty across social media. “Now, some people are still going to be mean and rude,” she says. “But [also] understanding that beauty is literally from the inside out. I feel like I’m exposing myself to the people that are understanding that. And you will get your ass blocked if that’s not what you’re about.”

“Because at the end of the day, beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” she continues. “It’s not just perfection. Beauty is you shining from the inside out and how you present yourself to the world and you owning your beauty and having confidence in yourself.” She notes it’s really nothing different from being body confident and not body shaming others.

“You are the author of your beauty,” she says, “and no one can take that away from you.”

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