Kristin Cavallari’s Orange Tweed Jacket in Italy

Season 3 Episode 9 Very Cavallari Fashion

I adore Kristin Cavallari’s orange tweed jacket in Italy. It reminds me of a vintage style tweed jacket that I used to see in my great grandma’s closet. I used to play dress up in her clothes and I remember I felt so powerful in the structure of the tweed material. Like I was a rich and famous actress that could’t be bothered, or a HBIC of some big firm on Wall Street. Though you don’t need to be a famous HBIC like Kristin or my 5 year old self to wear tweed. You can wear it for whatever you may be doing whether it’s in the office or out on the town. Especially in a color like this orange, it adds a nice pop.

Even though Kristin’s jacket is sold out and I can’t get my hands on it, it was a sweet reminder of my childhood and a look at Style Stealers I can put in my closet. Then who knows maybe one day my future great grandchild will find it, put it on, and aspire to be a writer for an amazing fashion website such as BBH.


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Kristin Cavallari's Orange Tweed Jacket

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Photo Credit: @kristincavallari

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