Kristin Cavallari’s White Cut Out Dress in Italy Meeting her Family

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Kristin Cavallari’s white cut out dress in Italy has to be one of my favorite looks of she has worn. I absolutely love everything about it. The lace sleeve, the cut outs, and the hi-low skirt that gives it a feminine and flowy look. It’s the perfect dress to wear for finding yourself and meeting your famiglia.

Kristin took the DNA test to get more information about her family and where she comes from, much like I did awhile back and found out I’m 70% Northwest European and had no clue! As she makes the trek to Italy to learn more about the Very Cavallari’s, it really inspired me.  It makes me 100% want be like Kristin and make a trip to find more about myself, wearing a white lace detail cutout dress exactly like Kristin’s, of course.


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Kristin Cavallari's White Cut Out Dress

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Photo Credit: @verycavallari


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