Kyle Richards’ Pink and Gold Velvet Bench In Her Bedroom

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10 Episode 1 Decor

Kyle Richards’ pink and gold velvet bench in her bedroom gives me major old Hollywood vibes and I’m loving it. The mauve colored bench is a versatile piece as it’s is a sturdy option for extra seating in a living room, at a dining table, in hallway or like for Kyle, a clothes collector at the foot of the bed, which is exactly what I would use mine for. I guess it’s not actually not fair to say Kyle uses her pink and gold bench for clothes, I mean she was packing for a trip in this scene. Unfortunately for me, it is fair to say since I have a large lounge chair in my room that seems to be the catch-all for laundry, which, I guess if I’m too lazy to fold my clothes, its a better option than the floor.

An added bonus? You don’t have to love pink to get Kyle’s elegant yet affordable bedroom bench, this glam piece comes in a very pink (rose), black, and white—one for every decor scheme, and clothing pile.


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Kyle Richards' Pink and Gold Velvet Bench In Her Bedroom


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