Every time Kylie Jenner switches up her hair, we all wonder if she got a new wig or maybe she decided to make the change for good. Now, we got a peek at Jenner’s real hair and we have to say, we’re a bit surprised by the findings. The beauty boss posted a selfie video to Instagram with the caption: “Roots almost there.” With her favorite butterfly filter, she showed the length of her hair and it’s not the waist-length strands we’re used to. Instead, it’s in a trendy bob.

We told you two weeks ago that Jenner switched up her dark brown/black hair to a ’90s blonde, or bronde as some are calling it. (Yup, that’s the mix of brown and blonde.) The high-contrast highlights are courtesy of colorist Cassondra Kaeding. “Do brondes have more fun?” Kaeding asked on Instagram. We’re going to say they possibly do by the look of Jenner’s recent Instagram photos. 

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Since Jenner was seen touching up her roots, it’s safe to say Kaeding did highlight and color her client’s hair. That part is true. The length, though, is thanks to hairstylist Jesus Guerrero. He gave Jenner long extensions that blend beautifully with her new hair color. In her post, Jenner joked: “@jesushair said he was giving me a trim and cut off all my hair.”

kylie jenner hair

Image: Instagram.com/kyliejenner.

Jenner looks great with both short and long hair but if she decides to forgo the extensions for a bit, she’ll be joining dozens of other celebrities rocking a bob this season. There’s Kaia Gerber, Michelle Phan and Liza Koshy, just to name a few. But knowing the reality star, it’s just a manner of time before she changes it up on us again.