Lala Kent’s Pink Gown at Katie & Tom’s Wedding in Vegas

Season 8 Episode 15 Vanderpump Rules Fashion

Lala Kent’s pink gown at Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz’s wedding part deux in Vegas is classy af. I always love a Lala lewk because whether it’s a little on the scandalous side or more on the classy side it’s ALWAYS on point.

This particular lewk reminds me of the bridesmaids dress that I wore in my friend’s wedding over the summer. I was absolutely obsessed with the off the shoulder cut. Seeing Lala wear her’s a little higher up on her shoulders made me regret not thinking to do that for a little more movement capability. When it came to the reception I couldn’t move my arms enought to go full force on the dance floor, which in retrospect was possibly a good thing.

Speaking of weddings, there must be something in the water at SUR because wedding bells are ringing all over the place. Lala must have been very excited during this trip because her big day is up next. And although they’ve had to postpone their big day because of COVID 19, I can’t wait to see Randall turn her into a wife.  Then I’ll just be waiting for Andy turn her into a Housewife.


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Lala Kent's Pink Gown

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