Normandy Itinerary

Just like many of you, I have delayed all of my travel plans through July. I prefer to use the word delay rather than cancel because I will be rescheduling all trips for 2021. The current pandemic will surely pass, and we will once again enjoy the many travel opportunities the world has to offer.

One of my trips that has
been delayed until April 2021 is a travel experience in France. I love France
and I am looking forward to exploring an area that I have not visited in the
past, Normandy and Mont St Michel.

So, since I have to wait
for another year to enjoy this trip, I thought I would put together a virtual
tour of my itinerary. I cannot be there in person right now, but in my
imagination, I am there already!

Days 1 and 2 – Paris!

We arrive in Paris, the City of Lights, and stay for two
nights. Of course, I will start with shopping on the famous Champs Elysees,
ending the first day at Arc de Triomphe. The second day in Paris begins with a
visit to the Les Invalides and Louvre Museum and ends with a tour of the
magnificent Eiffel Tower.

Day 3 – On the Way to Normandy

Day three is when we leave for Normandy. I’m planning
a stop in Giverny to visit the former house of Claude Monet known for the
gardens which inspired many of Monet’s paintings.

On the way to Normandy, we’ll “step back in time” to a
historic battle, and see the intricate Bayeux Tapestry, woven to commemorate
the Norman invasion of England by William the Conqueror in 1066.

Day 4 – Explore WWII Places

The D-Day invasion will forever be remembered as a day
of true bravery and sacrifice and the beginning of French liberation. We will
start the day at St. Mere Eglise on the Cotentin Peninsula, where the allied
invasion began 75 years ago on June 6, 1944 – D-Day.

Then we’ll travel on to Utah Beach, stopping to explore
the Ranger Memorial at Pointe du Hoc. Next stop will be Omaha Beach and the
site of the Normandy American Cemetery and memorial. The cemetery covers 172.5
acres and contains the graves of 9,387 American soldiers.

Day 5 – Mont St. Michel

On day five, we are off to the iconic Mont St. Michel,
rising from the sea on a mighty rock. We will cross the causeway by shuttle and
browse the narrow streets and admire the views of the surrounding bay.

One of France’s most recognizable landmarks, the
fortified town, is crowned by the mighty 10th century abbey.

Day 6 – The Loire Valley and a Lovely
Chateau Experience

Our trip will continue with a full day in the Loire
Valley exploring the nearby sights, one of which is the magnificent Chateau de
Chenonceau. Stretching across the river Cher, the chateau boasts a 197-foot
gallery built over a series of arches.

We will tour the extravagantly furnished rooms and the
formal gardens – added by the mistress of Henry II, Diane de Poitiers.

Also, we will visit the Royal Chateau d’Amboise for a
guided tour. The castle is most closely associated with King Francois I, who
introduced the Renaissance to France and brought Leonardo da Vinci to his
court. The artist is buried in the chapel.

Day 7 – The Last Day to Remember

Our last day in France will
take us to Chateau de Chambord – the largest residence in
the Loire Valley. Chambord was built for Francois I in the 16th century by
1,800 men and master masons.

We will then continue with a visit to Chartres, home to the greatest Gothic cathedral in France. Originally built in 1020, the cathedral contains the sacred Veil of the Virgin relic and a world-renowned collection of stained glass windows.

The imagination never stops no matter what is going on in the world. I hope you have enjoyed this virtual adventure with me.

Have you planned your next trip? Where will you go once it becomes safe to travel again? Please share your itinerary with us and let’s dream together!