Paige DeSorbo’s Ring Light and Tripod on Instagram

Summer House Instagram Fashion 2020

According to Instagram Paige DeSorbo’s boyfriend Perry Rahbar has become very jealous of the new man in her life: “Trip.” And in case you were wondering no she did not meet Trip on Bumble, she met him on Amazon considering he is a tripod and ring light (Trip is just what she’s nicknamed it lol) who based on his excellent reviews, seems to seriously have a way with the ladies. So without further ado, scroll on down below and get yourself some of that Trip asap.



P.S. Trip seems to have a way with the men too because BBH’s Lauren’s husband uses him for his TV appearances and loves it, and she also gets in front of it for the occasional post for the ‘Gram.

Paige DeSorbo’s Tripod

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Photo & Info: @Paige_DeSorbo

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