Scheana Shay’s Season 8 Reunion Dress

Vanderpump Rules Season 8 Reunion Fashion

Scheana Shay’s Vanderpump Rules season 8 reunion dress is good as gold mustard, which is a color I love. It’s one that I haven’t always felt the same way about, but in recent years have become obsessed with, so obviously I was feeling some type of way seeing Scheana’s mini dress. I mean mustard is something I strive to have stocked both in my refrigerator and my closet because who doesn’t love a color that reminds you of a delicious food that has ZERO calories??? And if you don’t love actual mustard as much as I do that’s totally okay because this dress is a great way to add more to your closet without touching your fridge.


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Scheana's Season 8 Reunion Dress

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