Getting enough
beauty sleep is important, especially if you want to age gracefully. A good
night’s sleep makes you less likely to suffer from depression, memory problems,
and serious health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and
breast cancer.

Unfortunately, many
women who are 60 and over often have trouble sleeping at night. So, what do you
do if you need sleep, but can’t get any?

Holistic life coach
and founder of Growing Younger Gracefully Sheena Nancy Sarles has a few
sleeping tips for women over 60. In her interview with Margaret Manning, she shares
three simple breathing techniques to help you sleep at night.


A warm foot massage
is the first step to a good night’s sleep. Take any essential oil that you find
soothing and calming. Then, rub it on the palms of your hands before massaging
it on your feet. Giving yourself a quick foot massage before hitting the sheets
will help you get rid of all the tension in your body.

Having a soothing
and relaxing massage before bed helps you relax and unwind. You will immediately
want to hop into bed and close your eyes. Hopefully, you will be whisked into
the land of dreams once your head hits your pillow.

However, if you end
up counting your troubles instead of sheep, you can use simple breathing
exercises to calm your mind. Inhale to bring relaxation, and exhale to release all
tension. Breathe in and hold your breath for four counts before exhaling on the

Nostril Breath

Another breathing
technique you can use to keep your body calm and relaxed is the alternate nasal
breath. Instead of breathing from both of your nostrils at the same time, you
inhale from one nostril and exhale through the other.

Press your finger
against your left nostril, and inhale through your right. Gently release your
finger from your left nostril, then press it against the right. Then, exhale
through the other nostril.

Left nostril breathing
activates your Ida Nerve Ending, which keeps you calm and relaxed. Right
nostril breathing activates the Pingala Nerve Ending, which makes you feel
alert and active. If you want to sleep through the night, you can do left
nostril breathing until you’re sleepy.


Waking up at
ungodly hours when you’re still so tired can be frustrating. You want to sleep,
but your mind won’t let you. So, what do you do?

Mindful breathing is the practice of focusing on your breath. Instead of entertaining feelings of frustration or worrying about the consequences of not getting enough sleep, focus on your breathing. Inhale and exhale, paying attention to your breath as it enters your nostrils and moves toward your lungs. Observe the way your chest expands as you inhale and worry about nothing else. With this, you can go back to sleep in no time.

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