Stassi Schroeder’s White Cover Up Shirt

Season 8 Episode 19 Vanderpump Rules Fashion

The latter part of the season of Vanderpump Rules provides great prep for the next best season to come for all of us, Summer. Which is why Stassi Schroeder’s white cover up shirt popped up at the perfect time as it’s an absolute must have for any water adjacent event. She even proves how versatile it is by wearing it on tonight’s episode, in addition to Daug the lizard’s memorial pool party, which was pretty much the most “different” event I can think of in comparison to just about anything.

With my move to TX I have bumped up my summer clothing collection because the weather is warm most of the year there and  my apartment complex has a pool so most of my stock up needs to focus on swimwear. So mathematically speaking I need about 3-5 versions of this cover up because I just love it so much. It’s a lightweight, easy, breezy, and beautiful cover up, girl! Which deems it completely necessary for all of our summer soirées, no matter which side one you choose.


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Stassi Schroeder's White Cover Up Shirt

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