It’s not every day you see a fashion hair color on the Senate floor. That’s one reason why Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s pink wig made such a statement. The democratic senator serving Arizona hit the senate floor on Monday looking almost unrecognizable. She wore a face mask just like her colleagues, but she also wore a pink-ish/purple-ish bob wig. When she had to identify herself, she pointed to the glasses that everyone knows her for. But why the wig during such an important gathering? Well, not surprisingly, it has a bigger meaning.

According to reporter Brahm Resnik, Sinema wore the funky $12.99 wig to set an “example of social distancing from hair salons.” We don’t know if she wanted to cover her roots, hide a DIY haircut or just because it would catch everyone’s attention and get her message across. Either way, it’s clear what Sinema is saying without really saying it: stay home.

As much as many of us are going a little stir crazy, being able to stay home is a privilege. If you want to support your hairstylist at this time, this about buying a gift card for a future visit. That way, when it’s safe to sit in the chair again, you’ll have supported them during a scary time and pre-paid for your much-needed service.

Although we don’t know exactly what Sinema was thinking in her wig, we’re pretty sure she’d agree with this sentiment. Just last week, she tweeted the importance of staying home right now, writing: “Social distancing is critical to saving lives and keeping Arizonans healthy. Please continue to stay home as much as possible, and maintain at least 6 feet from others in public.”

That being said, Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey announced plans to re-open hair salons (as well as dine-in restaurants and barbershops) as early as May 8, though many disagree saying it’s too soon for it to be safe.

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