Staycation – 9 Ideas for a Holiday at Home This Year

Who would have thought at the beginning of the year that we would all be ‘in lockdown’ with nowhere to go? In fact, not only nowhere to go, but not allowed to go.

As international full-time travellers, our plan for 2020 was to travel the Nile and enjoy Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, and follow the Orient Express route through Europe.

This has been put on hold for an indefinite period as Australia is not planning to open its international borders in the near future.

Everyone we chat to around the world is in the same boat. What were your travel plans?

Staycation vs. Vacation

Staycation is the new buzz word, but why do we think it’s so different in meaning from  vacation?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines a staycation as “a holiday that you take at home or near your home rather than travelling to another place.”

They define a vacation as “a time when someone does not go to work or school but is free to do what they want, such as travel or relax.”

Staycations – Rediscovering Our Home Country Treasures

When you start to look in your own backyard, you start to realise what your own country or state has to offer. Look further than the popular tourist attractions and dig deeper, and you will find a treasure trove of things to do and see.

Here in Australia, the tourism industry has suffered tremendous losses, starting with the bushfires that burned hundreds of thousands of acres and now Covid.

Our Staycation Australia travel planning has unearthed unique opportunities for us to not only experience new adventures in our own state but to assist in giving back to the local community that has suffered.

We have found local cheesemakers, distilleries, produce farmers, craft breweries, small cafés, artisan shops, and homewares in small country towns that we never thought existed.

We want to be able to give back to them, to put them on the map, so others can support them just as much as we do.

When you dig deeper in your own backyard, you can stay in some unusual accommodation as well.

Here in Australia, we have found that you can stay in converted convict cottages, shearing sheds and barns, and railway carriages; rest in a see-through bubble tent; sleep in a lighthouse; spend the night in a wild safari tent. You can even sleep the night away in a gaol or a converted hydroelectric station, just to name a few.

Does this excite you to travel and explore your own backyard more? It has been a great inspiration for us.

Wherever you are in the world, there is a host of opportunities for you to enjoy your own staycation.

How to Have Staycation in Your Own Town

If you can’t travel intrastate or interstate, you can enjoy a staycation in your own town. Here are some tips:

  • Treat yourself to a luxury stay in a 5-star hotel
  • Pamper yourself at a Spa retreat
  • Book an Airbnb property in another area of town and get out and explore the new neighbourhood
  • Go on a picnic
  • Book a local walking tour
  • Head off to your local markets
  • Dine at a different restaurant or café every day for a weekend or a full week
  • Visit local art galleries and museums
  • Book a night out at the theatre

I hope some of these ideas will suit your tastes so you can enjoy a relaxing – and adventurous – staycation.

What were your travel plans for 2020? Did you cancel or postpone them? Are you planning a staycation in the meantime? What will you do on your staycation? Please share with our community!