Take a Mini Getaway – Make a Travel Vision Board

Since I have more time on my hands than usual, I decided to get creative and I made a dream travel vision board.

Positive energy is stored in visualizations. When you visualize something, it becomes a real and more-attainable goal. In this case, I created my travel board to pin down where I want to go when the coronavirus pandemic comes to an end.

In the process of making my travel vision board, I felt excited, rejuvenated, and refreshed – all in the comfort of my own home, despite social distancing. Making my travel vision board was like taking a mini vacation, so I thought I’d share it with you.


Supplies you’ll need to make a travel vision board include:

  • Pictures – from magazines, newspapers, or the Internet
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Background paper

You can make a travel vision board in your head, but putting it on paper adds that priceless, “tangible goal” element. This element will fill you with hope and motivate you to look forward to bright days ahead; for those reasons, I highly recommend making one.

Travel Goals

To start creating your travel vision board, consider the following: 

  • Where do you want to go? 
  • Do the tropics or mountain refuges call your name? 
  • Do you long to take a self-guided, independent trip or join a group with a local guide? 
  • Where would you go if coronavirus and money weren’t issues? Dream big! 

Once you’ve visualized your dream vacation, it is time to gather pictures that remind you of your dream destination. These could include photos of famous locations, things you hope to see, foods you hope to taste, and souvenirs you want to bring home.

What’s on My Vision Board

travel vision board

At Alpenwild, we just launched a campaign, “Dream Big. The Alps Await.” The European Alps have existed for millions of years. Their slopes are rich with people, culture, and traditions. The Alps have been standing before the pandemic started and will stand strong after welcoming all who come to visit.

I’ve been to the Alps once before and can’t wait to go back. I am an adventure traveler. I crave the off-the-beaten path tours with small groups, and hands-on experiences that introduce me to the locals. I had the Italian Dolomites on my travel list for this summer but due to the pandemic have moved those plans to next summer.

On my vision board, I included the Matterhorn. I dream of returning to Zermatt where the iconic peak looks so majestic. I also included the Italian Dolomites; peaks I’ve never been to but hope to explore next summer.

I used photos of myself and others in the Alps experiencing the peace, joy, and excursions that are available with the locals. The foods remind me of the flavors I’ve tasted and missed, the trains bring the timely, safe transportation back to memory.

The suitcase reminds me that on an Alpenwild tour I can pack and rely on luggage transfers to do the heavy lifting. The massage and spa are at the top as a reminder of the soothing rest available at hand-picked hotels. I also had some fun and cut out wildflowers to go with the cow. I can’t wait to get back to the Alps.

An Amazing Feeling

When I finished, my fingers were sticky but there was a smile on my face. I documented the process of making my vision board in a short video. I know the pandemic will subside, but it will take time. For now, I have my travel goals visualized, a smile on my face, energy in my soul, and art for my wall. 

It’s easy! You can make your own travel vision board, too. This project has turned my longing for adventure into hope. Longing and hope seem similar. However, they are not; longing has difficulty seeing that times will change, hope is filled with patience and courage that things will change.

Making a travel vision board will show you the difference.

What places do you want to add to your travel vision board? What are your travel goals? I look forward to hearing your bucket list items in the comments below.