Teddi Mellencamp’s Black Cutout Top at the VFILES Fashion Show

Season 10 Episode 1 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fashion

When having to ‘hide’ your belly why not show off your elbows? That’s exactly what Teddi Mellencamp did in her black cutout elbow top at the VFILES fashion show. Teddi said it herself in the beginning of the episode—Black is the only color that hides the bump. And I agree completely! Black always succeeds in hiding my baby bump too, food baby that is. What else is great is that it also hides the stains that can sometimes accompany said food, in my case, once again. And another thing about black (I mean I could go on and on) is that it goes with everything, especially when everything you have is black, in you know who’s case, again. But in your case this is a great top to grab whether you have something to hide or not seven if your name is Denise and we don’t quite know whether you do or don’t yet.


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Teddi Mellencamp's Black cutout top

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