many of us crave for the secret sauce that will cause us to lose weight and
have more energy, one item is often overlooked, and it is the simplest of all –
pure water.

You may
hear that pomegranate juice, or grapefruit, or most recently, celery juice is
the key to good health, but pure water may be the most enduring solution of

course, water, like any other substance, cannot be the only solution. However,
it is so vital that without it we die far more quickly than we would without

We Are 70% Water

A human can go without food for about three weeks but
would typically only last three
to four days without water. Why?
Because 70% of our tissues, and therefore our bodies, is comprised of water. We
need it.

Here are some simple

  • blood: 55% water
  • heart: 73% water
  • kidney: 79% water
  • brain: 73% water
  • bones: 31% water
  • muscle: 79% water

Water for Health and Beauty

might find the experience of Dr.
interesting. He was a political prisoner in
India and found many inmates suffered from a variety of untreated illnesses,
including ulcers, headache, malnutrition, etc.

theorized that water would play a role in their recovery, and since it was all
he had to work with, he administered balanced amounts of water to them daily. He
documented his findings in a recording called “The Body’s Many Cries for

example of water’s importance falls into the beauty spectrum. Renowned makeup
artist Bobby Brown uses water as her go-to solution for models who look
fatigued or have circles under the eyes. She finds an immediate improvement in
their appearance.

How Much Water Is Enough?

Are you
wondering what the best amount of water might be for you? My recommendation, if
you have no issues with your electrolyte balance, would be to take your body
weight, divide it in half, and drink that many ounces of water each day.

that water is contained in leafy green vegetables, fruits, soups, and teas, so
your consumption does not have to be water exclusively.

If you
feel that this amount of water seems high, increase slowly. Many women fear
they will be making multiple bathroom trips if they drink this much, but as you
build up your intake, much of it will be absorbed by your body’s systems. Only
a portion of it will go to your bladder.

Consider the Benefits

all heard of the fountain of youth. Well, the fountain of youth is right there
in your water glass. It brightens your face, flushes out toxins, and provides
all your internal systems with much needed hydration.

here’s a hidden bonus for good water drinkers: it’s a perfect tool for weight
loss. A glass of water when you think you want a snack will curb the desire; a
glass of water before a meal will lessen your appetite. All this while also
providing your body systems with the hydration they need.

When I
work with clients who enroll in my Six Weeks to Diet Freedom program,
one of the first things I recommend is keeping an inventory of your daily water
intake. Some are shocked by how little they drink and through the six weeks
slowly build up their intake.

makes an amazing difference not only in how you feel, but in the ease of
curbing appetite that leads to weight loss. If you work at a computer, keep a
glass of water beside you for a pick-me-up when you feel fatigued.

How much water do you drink on an average day? Have
you noticed a burst of energy after a big glass of water? Share your experience
and join the conversation.